Yuri SNSD: Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

Kwon Yu-ri (Hangul: 권유리, born December 5, 1989), is a Korean female singer and actress, member of the national girl group Girls’ Generation led by S.M. Entertainment established and managed. Yuri SNSD was dubbed the “black pearl”, by his mysterious charms. Please follow the article below to find out more about this charming girl offline.

General information about Yuri SNSD: Yuri SNSD

Stage Name: Yuri (유리)
Birth Name: Kwon Yu Ri (권유리)
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birth Date: December 5, 1989
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Birth Place: Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height: 166 cm (5’5 “)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Studying, swimming, exercising
Specialty: Chinese, swimming, dancing, acting
Sub-Unit: Oh! GG
Instagram: @yulyulk
Weibo: yurikwon_GG

Yuri history and artistic activities SNSD:


Yuri was born on December 5, 1989, in Dongyang District, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. She has a brother named Kwon Hyeok-joon. In 2001, after winning the “Best Dancing” award at the SM Youth Best Dancer Contest, Yuri auditioned and became a trainee of S.M. Entertainment.

Before debut, Yuri appeared in TVXQ’s “Beautiful Life” music video as well as commercials for brands such as Chocopie, Hot Choco Mite, and Dongil Highvill. She also appeared on Super Junior’s Super Junior Show and Super Junior’s Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.
Yuri officially debuted as Girls’ Generation girl group member in August 2007.

In 2008, she and her teammate Sooyoung took on two supporting roles in the comedy-drama Unstoppable Marriage. They also performed the song “Kkok” for the SBS drama Working Mom.

In early 2012, Yuri played the female lead Choi Anna in SBS’s Fashion King alongside actor Yoo Ah-in. This role earned her a new star award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2012. In September 2012, Yuri appeared in the song “Like a Soap” in her sixth studio album Catch Me. of the male group with TVXQ company.

In October 2013, Yuri first appeared on the big screen in the movie No Breathing, starring Jung-Eun, a girl who dreams of becoming a singer and is both male leads (Lee Jong-suk and Seo In-guk) fell in love.

By the end of 2015, she will play the lead actress Bae Jung-Yeon alongside fellow actors Park Shi-hoo and Lee Soo-hyuk in the TV series Neighborhood Hero, which airs on OCN from January 2016.

Yuri then played the female lead Go Ho alongside actor Kim Young-Kwang in the web drama Gogh, the Starry Night. After launching in July 2016 on the Sohu website, the film was broadcast on SBS television last October.

In January 2016, Yuri plays the female lead Seo Eun-Hye alongside actor Ji Sung in the SBS drama Defendant. Yuri graduated from Neunggok High School in 2008. She and her team-mate Sooyoung then studied drama and drama at Chung-Ang University and were appointed as school ambassadors on May 20, 2014. The two graduated together in February 2016.

Some interesting notes about Yuri SNSD:


– On August 28, 2016, Yuri and Seohyun released a song via SM Station, titled “Secret”.
– On October 4, 2018, Yuri made her solo debut with the mini-album “The First Scene”.
– Yuri’s ideal type: “I wish he was really affectionate. A guy that shows his warmth even when you’re just looking at him. I can not say that he’s a good guy if he’s fussy or sharp. ”
– Yuri cannot cook, yet she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon and as expected Taeyeon is always the Winner.
– Hyoyeon used to be angry at Yuri and treated her like the enemy because she was jealous at how many people thought Yuri was the best dancer in SNSD.
– Yuri has the best body in SNSD.
– She is SNSD’s biggest prankster.
– She is one of the SNSD members who get the most choreography of the time.
– Yuri is known as a member that has a husky voice among the SNSD members.
– Some of her nicknames are “Black Pearl” and “Cola”, both referring to her unique personality and her tanned skin.
– Though Yuri is one of the lead dancers, she said that she is the slowest in learning new moves.

Some highlights of Yuri SNSD:






Yuri SNSD  Yuri SNSD



During the past few years, Yuri SNSD has always been remembered as a strong, sexy, and full of SNSD’s personality. Officially turning 27, the “black pearl” is still beautiful, seductive and salty but more by the turbulent in life. However, in the eyes of the fans, she has always been a strong fighter of SNSD, never backing away from the hardships and solid support of the rest of the members when the wind came!

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