Youngjae Got7 Full Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

Youngjae is a Korean singer, dancer, and musician. He is the lead vocalist of Korean boy band Got7. Youngjae Got7 is a favorite singer and enthusiastically received because he has a good voice and a handsome appearance. Not only that, he is also an excellent musician and dancer. Please refer to the information below to better understand Youngjae Kpop.

Youngjae profile

Youngjae Got7

Stage Name: Youngjae (영재)
Birth Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 17, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Specialties: Singing
Education: Currently enrolled at Seoul Korea Arts High School
Hobbies: Playing the piano
Favorite Musician: Elliot Yamin, Javier
Twitter: @@GOTYJ_Ars_Vita
Instagram: @333cyj333
Soundcloud: ars333ars

Some interesting information about Youngjae Got7

Youngjae was born in Mokpo City, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. Family: mother, father, 1 brother and 1 sister.

Personality: cheerful, bright

His nickname is the Genius Star or Sunlight.

His astrological zodiac is a zodiac, and his Chinese zodiac is a rat.

He attended Muntae High School and then Seoul Korean Art High School.

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae graduated from high school in 2014.

He was studying Theater and Cinema at Seokyeong University, but he quit because there were so many tests and he had no time.

Youngjae changed his major to Taekyung University, the Model Department (like Yuggyeom).

Before debut, he liked/sang with his brother.

Youngjae Got7

He became JYP trainee in the summer of 2013. He joined GOT7 after only 7 months of training.

He is the last member to join GOT7.

He is known as a serious and hardworking person.

On my SoundCloud account, DAY ARS, he posted songs he composed and wrote.

He can speak Korean and Japanese.

Youngjae Got7

2PM’s Nichkhun said Youngjae is really the image of GOT7.

Favorite artist: Elliot Yamin, Javier.

His motto: Practice as much as you sleep. Episode

His hobby is playing the piano.

His favorite movie is Frozen Frozen.

His favorite color is red.

His favorite sport is football.

His favorite music genre: Ballad and R&B.

Youngjae Got7

His favorite item is a Buddhist rosary.

His role is mdel: Javier

His favorite dish is everything except cucumber.

He likes to eat microphones, to see how big his mouth is.

He is a gamer.

He has a puppy named Coco Coco, also belonging to Mark.

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae has released his dog, CoCo an Instagram account: @b_ftaq

His perfume is Mark Jacobs.

He is a perfectionist.

He, along with Yugyeom, is currently studying modeling.

He becomes crazy when his privacy is invaded.

Youngjae’s ideal type is a woman he is naturally attracted to.

Youngjae’s career

Youngjae Got7

For GOT7’s Fly Fly tour, he wrote and composed the song 1:31 am with JB member but he had to sing alone because of JB’s back injury.

Youngjae wrote and composed the song Rew Rewind for the song GOT7 Flight: Departure album.
He wrote the song Sick Canh and wrote and composed the song HEY, for GOT7’s Flight Log: Album Turbulence.

Youngjae wrote and composed the song Register for GOT7 Flight Log: Arrival Album.

Youngjae also wrote and composed Moon Moon U from 7for7.

Some of the best pictures of Youngjae

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae got7

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae Got7

Youngjae Got7

Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand male singer Youngjae. If you are a fan of GOT7 and especially impressed with Youngjae, don’t forget to support and wish him more and more success in his career.

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