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For a long time Kpop fan, everyone must know the name of Yoona, the girl who stirred up a Korean music scene with the beauty of the dew drops. She is the face of the popular girl group Kpop top SNSD. With his beautiful appearance and golden personality, Yoona has created a position without any recruits that can overthrow. Let’s find out more about Yoona profile to see how this girl has become “wall”.

yoona profile

General information about Yoona (SNSD):

Stage Name: Yoona (윤아)

Birth Name: Im Yoon-ah (임윤아)

Birthday: May 30, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Instagram: @yoona__lim

Yoona’s involvement in the arts:

yoona profile

Yoona was born on May 30 in Seoul, South Korea. Her family consists of her father and sister, who are five years older than her. As a child, the girl group S.E.S. made her dream of becoming a singer. In 2002, Yoona became a trainee of S.M. Entertainment through SM Saturday Open Casting Audition. Before appearing in public, she appeared in some music videos as “Magic Castle” by TVXQ.
In 2009, Yoona graduated from Daeyoung High School. Then in 2014, she and Seohyun, another member of Girls’ Generation, graduated from Dongguk University and were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Yoona officially debuted as a girl group member on Girls’ Generation in August 2007. Yoona’s acting career began in 2007 with the supporting role of Shin Joo-young in a ministry. TV Series 9 Ends, 2 Out. Then appeared in the TV series Woman of Matchless Beauty in April 2008 and received many accolades from veteran actress Bae Jong-ok.
In May 2008, Yoona took on the lead role in a TV drama You Are My Destiny as Jang Sae-byuk. For this role, she won the Best Actress category at both the KBS Drama Awards and the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.
In 2012, Yoona took on the lead role alongside actor Jang Geun-suk in a drama Love Rain.
In 2013, Yoona took on the role of female lead Nam Da-Jung alongside actor Lee Beom-soo in a romantic comedy Prime Minister and I.
In March 2016, Yoona collaborated with 10cm Korean indie band in the song “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway” of the station project of S.M. Entertainment.
Yoona was named “advertising queen” after she appeared in many commercials and has become a face for many brands. In 2014, Yoona was voted “one of the big names in the Asia-Pacific region” by CNN, helping to make Korean cosmetics a popular brand in the Chinese market. In 2016, she was voted by Forbes magazine as one of 30 celebrities under 30 years old in the field of sports and entertainment has the greatest influence in Asia.
Throughout his career, YoonA has also volunteered and donated her a lot. Thanks to those activities, in 2015 she met Korean President Park Geun-Hye at the Green House and became a member of the Honor Society for individuals with charitable contributions. Biggest of Korea.

Little notes about Yoona:

yoona profile

– Yoong, Saseumi (deer), Him Yoona (strong Yoona), Im-choding (Im-choding), Saebyuk, & Alligator Yoong.
– She speaks Korean (fluent), English, Chinese, Japanese (basic).
– She debuted as an actress in 2007.
– She likes to eat cereal before going to sleep.
– Her favorite season is winter.
– She cannot swim.
– She likes to play bowling.
– She likes to cook and says that she will become a chef if she is not a singer.
– She is part of SNSD’s trio.
– She insists that she is more confident in dancing and acting instead of singing.
– She is currently an employee of Homestay Hyori.
– Yoona released her first solo single, “When the Wind”. (SM Station, September 8, 2017)
– In January 2014, she had been dating Lee Seung-gi since September 2013.
– On August 13, 2015, their agents have confirmed that they have terminated their relationship. but still friends.
– Yoona’s ideal type: “When you say ‘good person’, I think of my dad. He never lost his temper in every situation and comforted people in a thoughtful way. Can I expect this kind of ‘pondering’ from the best guy in the world? “

Some highlights of Yoona:

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Yoona is one of the members not only owns the most SNSD fans but also the Kpop community. Pure beauty, the innocence of Yoona has beaten many young hearts and even girls. Hope the information about Yoona profile will help you more love this beautiful girl.


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