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YG’s Plan In 2019: Black Pink, WINNER’s Dense Schedule, Confirmed Debut Group Junior

2018 is considered the year of YG Entertainment explosion when the music of Black Pink, WINNER, iKON have become “big explosion” of interest fans. Although not in the first month of 2019, YG lovers have somehow felt the hustle and bustle of Yang Hyuk Suk. In particular, three new fandoms of the “trilogy” of Black Pink, iKON, WINNER has been revealed by a head of the entertainment industry in 2019.

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Accordingly, in the year 2019, Black Pink will begin the first schedule with a tour around the Asian countries are named “Black Pink In Your Area”. Shortly thereafter, the group also planned tours in major cities in Japan. At the same time, YG has also signed with Universal Music Group (Interscope). ) to bring four girls to the European music market in 2019.

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WINNER will have a very busy year at the beginning of the year, the group will tour in the US market. Also, in 2019, the 4 member boy group will be revealed to have 2 comeback stages.

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Like the WINNER, iKON has also been planned by YG to tour the major European cities. In addition, after the storm

“Love Scenario” was named “one step up the clouds”, boy group 7 members are also promised to have two performances in 2019.

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Finally, YG has officially confirmed that Black Pink and WINNER will have more “younger brothers” and “younger sisters” in 2019. According to the disclosure, the current members of the squad have been selected.

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Black Pink, Winner, iKON will have “brother”, “sister” in 2019.

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