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YeoJin (Hangul: 여진) is the fourth member to be revealed by the girl group Kpop Loona, and she is also the youngest member of the group. Yeojin Loona debuted on January 4, 2017, as a member and then released her only solo album “YeoJin” on January 16, 2017. If you were her fan And want to know more about this girl please refer to the information and biography of Yeojin below!

Yeojin profile

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Stage Name: Yeojin (여진)
Birth Name: Im Yeo-jin (임 여진)
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: November 11, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: Korean
Sub-Unit: –

Interesting information about Yeojin

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Biography and other information of Yeojin

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Yeojin was born in Suseong County, Daegu, South Korea. She is the only child in the family.

Yeojin was released on January 15, 2017, under the name Loona with the song “Kiss Later”. The color of her face is orange. The representative animal of her is the frog

Her nickname is Bean, Jin, and Aromi. She hated bikes for a traumatic experience when she was young

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Yeojin does not know what her charms are. Yeojin’s specialty lies down, sleep, plays, is also her hobby.

Yeojin loves to sleep, the Orbits and the people around. Yeojin hates beans, wakes up in the morning and goes to school.

Yeojin said that if she could change her solo songs, she would like to have Olivia Hye (Egoist and Rosy). Yeojin’s biggest concern is the one she is raising, named Marimo.

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Yeojin is the best with Haseul. She wants to try a sexy idea

Yeojin likes to do nails as a hobby. She wants a fandom named Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)

Yeojin graduated from junior high school on February 8, 2018. They called Yeojin Bean / Bun.

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Yeojin said that she sang “Into the New World” (SNSD) for her audition. (vLive). She practiced “Heart Shaker” (twice) and “Kiss Later”. (vLive)

YeoJin is a maknae in LOONA. She is the shortest member in the group. While she represents the “/” in LOON 1/3, she is not a member of the sub-unit, being a subordinate unit alone. [Validate in the segment on September 17th, 2018.

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Her role model is the girl group Kpop SES. She read the poem ‘Minority’ by Park Sang Soo for her poem Weekly 6.
The above is very interesting information about the girl group Yeojin Loona. Hopefully with this information you get a better understanding of her youthfulness and personality. If you are a fan of her, do not forget to follow and support her in the next musical project. Let her and Loona always succeed!

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