Xiumin EXO: Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

Kim Min-Seok (born March 26, 1990), better known by his stage name Xiumin, is a Korean singer and actress, member of EXO Korean boy band and EXO-CBX small group by S.M. Entertainment established and managed. Please read the article to better understand this guy offline.

Biography and artistic progress of Xiumin EXO:

Xiumin EXO

Stage Name: Xiumin (시우민)
Korean Name: Kim Min Seok (김민석)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper
Birthday: March 26, 1990
Zodiac sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Bloodtype: B
Hometown: Guri, Gyeonggi province
Specialties: Taekwondo, kendo
Subunit: EXO-M, EXO-CBX
Super Power (Badge): Frost (Snowflake)
Instagram: @e_xiu_o

Xiumin EXO

Xiu Min’s real name is Kim Min Seok. He was born in Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He used to be Dongwoo (Infinite) classmate at Inchang high school. Currently, Xiumin is a student of Catholic Kwangdong University, a vocal school. In the family, he has a sister (born in 1992) and is the only member of EXO who has a sister.
In 2008, when he was 18, he auditioned for JYP but failed. Later, he became a trainee of S.M after winning the second prize at the S.M Everysing Contest.
After 4 years as a trainee, Xiumin joined the EXO team. He is the oldest member of the group. He officially debuted as an EXO member on January 26, 2012.
In November 2013, Xiumin and actress Kim Yoo-Jung appear as the main characters in Jin’s music video “Lover” (Lovelyz).
In January 2015, he took on the role of Aquila in the Academy OZ musical production by S.M. In April of the same year, he guest starred in four episodes of JTBC’s Crime Scene 2 (episode 1-4, 7).
In October 2015, he played the lead man Na Do Jun in the web drama “Dojeon Doing Love” alongside Kim So Eun along with the song “You are the one”. “Dojeon crushes” web drama most viewed in Korea in 2015.
In July 2016, he starred as Gyeon in the movie “Seon-dal: The Man Who Sells the River”
Xiumin is said to be the most experienced in EXO. Currently, he is a member of EXO-CBX together with Baekhuynv and Chen, a sub-group of EXO.
In October 2016, EXO-CBX released the song “For You” for the Scarlet Heart drama Ryeo.

Some interesting facts about Xiumin EXO:

Xiumin EXO
– Be the eldest of EXO.
In 2008, he took second runner-up in SM’s 2008 Everysing Contest, champion Jino.
– You know Taekwondo and Fencing, Kendo and soccer.
– Xiumin once said his special talent is screaming.
– His favorite song from EXO’s first album is Mama.
– EXO-M both admitted that he is the strongest and most humorous in the group.
– In the future, he wants to become an architect.
– He likes to tease other members.
– Xiumin is said to be the hottest member in the group.
– He does not like being touched by others.
– You know martial arts like Kendo, Taekwondo and Wushu.
– Xiumin cooks delicious spaghetti.
– You are Christian.
– The size of the shoes is 25.5cm.
– He is afraid of cats (because Xiu was attacked in the past).
– Xiumin usually gets up early in the group.
– Xiumin is very caring, worried for other members.
– He and Luhan both wanted to go to England to watch live football.
– Xiumin has a lot of fans in China because they think he is cute, handsome and masculine.
– Xiumin was mentioned by Amber at the end of Pinocchio album of f (X).
– The first thing he did after waking up was enjoying a cup of coffee.
– Xiu is compact, orderly and up early.

Some highlights of Xiumin EXO:

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Xiumin EXO is the main dancer and the lead singer for all EXO groups he participates in. He also collaborated with many members of his music projects. Although he is not the main vocalist or the main dancer of the group, he always performs well in all activities, and shows the audience his worth by doing his best! Hope Xiumin and EXO will reap more success!.

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