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Woozi seventeen profile includes information related to name, date of birth, rating, height, hobbies, personality, … so that the fan can understand this guy. Woozi is the songwriter for most of the songs on the album, so fans often adore him as “the father of Seventeen’s music” because the individual music of the group is unlikely to exist. Missing this guy in the group. Wishing to help you understand more about this guy, soon we will provide the most detailed information for you to read can refer.

A little bit of Woozi’s biography

Woozi is the lowest idol to date with 1m64. So, sometimes he looks unusually small in the tall men of Seventeen. He is the leader of the Vocal Team but he also dances and raps very well. Even before debut, Woozi was a member of the Performance Team, but due to the vocal component of the band, he switched to the Vocal Team. Here is a biography of this guy you can refer to:

Woozi seventeen profile

Stage Name: Woozi (우지)

Birth Name: Lee Jihoon (이지훈)

Position: Vocal Team Leader, Lead Vocalist

Birthday: 22 November 1996

Zodiac sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp

Nationality: Korean

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Height: 165 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 54kg (119lbs)

Blood Type: A

Sub-Unit: Vocal Team (Leader); SVT Leaders

Interesting information about Woozi

Woozi seventeen profile

Seventeen’s musical talent is not only about writing but also about playing very good instruments, and almost all kinds of simple instruments play guitar, piano, drums, clarinet. In childhood, he also pursued classical music. Not only do you have a beautiful beauty, but Woozi also has a rare talent to make fans fall in love.

When he was young, he made classical music for a long time. He plays clarinets and musical instruments.

Woozi is said to be joining the group, but since he composed the songs he joined the singing group.

Maybe he looks shy and blunt, but he has a deep feeling, and once he becomes close to someone, that close relationship will continue forever. (Seventeen Japan Journal)

He is the producer of the album. He decided the concept, created the songs, wrote the lyrics and thought about the order should go in. Seventeen’s music composition is all working members, but about 80% of it is done by him. It makes him happier than anything when fans say their song is good

He likes exquisite clothes not too fashionable, but not too comfortable. He is the type of person who buys simple but detailed clothes without hesitation.

He admits he feels burdened by being a Seventeen composer because he is afraid if they fail, it will be his fault.

Woozi has worked with Ailee, Kanto, and composed for four other groups (including IOI).

The articles are titled him as a monster composed.

He was also seen in EXO’s studio (Chloeol)

Some highlights of Woozi

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

Woozi seventeen profile

At Woozi, not only do they write and play great instruments, almost all kinds of musical instruments are available: guitar, piano, drum, clarinet. In childhood, he also pursued classical music. As a multi-talented guy, Wooozi is always appreciated by the members of the seventeen member profile group and sees him as the leader of the whole group. Not only does he have a special appearance, but Woozi also owns a rare talent that makes fans fall in love. Do not forget to accompany this guy to the next Woozi products are known to many of you offline!

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