Vernon Seventeen Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

Seventeen Vernon is named after the “Prince of Hybrid” by the guy wearing a statue face, deep eyes always make fangirl crazy in the image of good or masculine, charming. Idol Kpop Vernon (Seventeen) always have moments that fans feel melted because of the handsome face as painting. So apart from the handsome, this guy also has talent? To understand more about this character, we would like to provide the most detailed information for you to read.

Biography of Vernon

Vernon’s real name is Choi Han Sol, a cross between America and South Korea, the male singer born in 1998, height 175cm. He was born in the United States but has family in Korea since the age of 5. In Seventeen, he is a fan favorite with a friendly personality. Here is the profile of this handsome guy you can refer to:

vernon seventeen

Stage Name: Vernon (버논)
Real Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe (최 한솔)
Nickname: Mr. Headphones, Peacekeeper, 4D
Team: Hip Hop
D.O.B: 18/02/1998
Hometown: New York
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type A
Shoe Size: 280mm
Zodiac: Aquarius
Field: Rap
Hobbies: Webtoon, movie, reading.

Vernon’s hobbies and personalities

On the current Kpop site, Vernon is prominent even though he debuted in the new Seventeen. Beautiful West Hybrid, possesses many unique angles that attract the attention of the fans. If you are curious about the guy or his personality then the following information will definitely help you:

vernon seventeen

Vernon sang but not very well. Seung Won  sometimes expresses his expression.
Vernon considered himself a free man.
His name is his mother’s last name.
Being one of the most frightened members.
If you are an animal, choose a dragon.
If he had to sing for a girl, he would sing John Legend’s “Stay With You”.
No favorite girl group.
Between music and food, choose music.
If you choose a member to tell your family, you will choose Soon Young.
Fairly fashionable and have a lot of hats.
If there are superpowers, will choose Telepathy.
For him, Korea is much more comfortable than America.
Picked up at the station right in front of the school gate. The more you train, the more your dream become a singer.
Idol: J Cole. He wanted to be a big artist like him. He wanted to be an artist constantly trying until he achieved what he wanted.
Favorite Rapper: Drake, T.I, J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar.
He liked Nicki Minaj, the other members too.
Common room with Seung Kwan.
Enjoy Rap, R & B and Hip Hop. Jazz also …
Likes summer and autumn.
She likes cats and has a baby named “Dodam”. Its name is your cousin.
He wished he had good communication skills like SeungKwan Seventeen

Some nice pictures of Vernon

vernon seventeen

Male rappers are also frequently featured in top K-pop promos, as not only does the visuals peak, Vernon is also capable of rapping and dancing. In addition to talent, this guy looks beautiful with attractive eyes to make anyone look as if drowned. Hope that with the information we provide in the article above will help the audience can know more information about this guy. Thank you for your interest in this article, wish you always happier, healthier and happier in life!

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