The8 Seventeen Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

The8 Seventeen is one of the two members from China, who is also the last member to be added to the team. In addition to being famous for B-Boy talent, The8 also known for the image of a small idol, cute, even weak by the height of 1m75 only 53kg weight only. Maybe so it looks like he is always swimming in his shirt or wearing another shirt, especially when he debuted with SEVENTEEN. To understand more about this guy you are invited to follow our post soon.

The information about The8

If you look at the fragile appearance of The8 who think that this is a student guy then you are wrong. The8 is actually a professional b-boy with break dance and also known as martial arts. Thanks to the skill of the jump have made him fall into the eyes of the staff of the Pledis and become a piece of Performance Team of the current SEVENTEEN. Here is but information about this guy you can refer.

The8 seventeen

Artist Name: THE8 (디 에잇) (デ ィ · エ イ ト)
Real name: Xu Ming Hao (徐明浩) / Seo Myung Ho (서명호)
Nickname: Little 8, Fairy
Team: Performance
Date of birth: 07/11/1997
Place of birth: Anshan, Liaoning, China
Height: 178cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type O
Abilities: Breakdance, martial arts, acrobatics
Hobbies: Breakdance, martial arts, singing, dancing, shopping and watching movies

Some interesting things about The8

The8 shares that if he is a girl, he wants to become Mingyu’s Seventeen lover because he is handsome and tall. The8 has been auditioning in China, he has a pretty special voice. Despite being quiet, he is also very cute, especially when he speaks Korean. Here are some interesting things about this guy that you probably do not know yet:

The8 participated and won the first prize in national martial arts competition nationwide.

The meaning behind stage name: No. 8 is a number that many Chinese people love and when number 8 is set horizontal will become infinity (infinite)

The8 always wanted to be a superstar when he was young. He attended an audition at school while in China.

The8 and Jun, who left their loved ones in China to pursue their dreams in a foreign country, do not see SVT as work, but rather, as their own family.

His role models are his parents and Henry

The meaning behind his stage name is that when the 8 is laid down, the infinite sign appears. Many Chinese people like number 8.

He’s firm on his own thoughts, but he can also accommodate others’ opinions. He also plays pranks often on people he’s close with.

He likes cleanliness, so whenever their dorm is messy, he often cleans it up. His roommates are Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Vernon, and Dino, and the one who’s often untidy is everyone except him.

There are times that he goes out with the members and spending time riding bicycles and watching movies.

He has an individual, hip-hop-like style.

When he’s up on stage, he wonders if he’s kind of cool and sexy. If he looks like that, he’ll be happy. Also, whenever he speaks Korean, he’s not that good so he’s told that he’s “cute.”

He studied enthusiastically when he was in elementary school, so in tests, he got the top score of his year group. He became obsessed with breakdancing in middle school, so after graduating, to learn more about dance, he left home to go to a far-away arts school.

Some nice pictures of The8

The8 seventeen

The8 seventeen

Known for his B-boy abilities but he has a smaller number of fans than some of his teammates, perhaps because he is rather quiet because of The8’s rather quiet personality compared to his cute face. Hope that with the information we provide above will help the8 fans know better about their idols. Thank you for your interest in this article, wish you always happier, healthier and happier in life!

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