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Teamin is one of the most prominent male singers of the Shinee group. He is known to many not only for his charismatic beauty but also for the ability of his stage dancers. Are you a fan of Teamin and want to find out more about Teamin profile? Follow the article below for some interesting information about this guy.

Teamin’s profile

Taemin occupies the position of SHINee’s main dancer, and he is also considered by some to be one of the top idol dancers by dance technique.

teamin profile

Taemin is gray in SHINee
Stage name: Taemin (태민)
Birth Name: Lee Tae Min (이태 민)
Title: Main Dancers, Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Native place: Seoul, Korea
Date of birth: July 18, 1993
Zodiac sign:
Cancer height: 179 cm (5 ’10 “)
Blood type: B
Official Website: taemin.smtown

Biography and career of Teamin

Born in Seoul, Taemin is the youngest of the family, has a big brother. Taemin is currently studying music and film studies at Myongji University.

After participating in the audition S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting in 2005, Taemin was accepted as a trainee.

teamin profile

Taemin takes the position of SHINee’s main dancer, and he is also considered by some experts to be one of the top idol dancers by the technique of dance.

When debuted, Taemin is the youngest member of the group to love, love and care because he is the youngest member, extremely cute and cute. There was a time, Taemin ranked the most items such as “Maknae the best”, “Maknae many groups want the most”… As voted by 2 PD Defcon and Doni Weekly Idol.

teamin profile

As she grows older, Taemin becomes more masculine and possesses perfect beauty. Although it has changed a lot in appearance and character, Taemin is still the big brother in love group as a child.

Taemin has a close relationship with Kai (EXO), and they also have close friends with Jimin (BTS), Ha SungWoon (Wanna One) and Timoteo (HOTSHOT).

Taemin is Catholic, has a hobby of listening to music, dancing. He has a very good piano ability. Taemin can use fluent Japanese, and recently he is learning English.

teamin profile

Taemin married We got married to Apin’s Son Naeun, actually, this couple is cute. However, Naeun has been criticized by many fans for participating in the program. So, after the Taemin and Naeun show, they also avoided contact, and they both seemed embarrassed to talk about each other on any program.

Taemin has also been voted “Best Idol”, but the more “older” he is, the less he likes to pretend to be and does not like people saying he’s “pretty girl”. Taemin also hates bugs, many times on stage, he just played chasing flies around him.

teamin profile

Taemin has a “divine hand” because whatever he touches is broken. He also frequently lost his belongings, so much so that the members thought that he had stolen around him.

S.M is very invested in Taemin, he started solo with his debut album “ACE”, the theme song Danger (2014). And regularly produce their own music products: “Press It” (2016), “Sayonara Hitori” (2016), “Flame of Love” (2017), “Move” (2017).

Taemin is currently very successful and involved in many projects, he is one of the mantras of “The Unit”, and in August he also participated in “Why Not The Dancer” with Eunhyuk (SuJu). ), Gikwang (Highlight), Jisung (NCT) and choreographer Lia Kim.

Some interesting information about Teamin

teamin profile

Teamin profile provided on the article has helped you understand more about your subject? With his charismatic appearance and his ability to sing and perform on stage, Teamin is loved by many fans and fans, especially the young. Hope the information provided on the article will help your learning process. Always accompany and support Teamin in his forthcoming activities.

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