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Kim Taeyeon (Hangul: 김태연, Hanja: 金 太 妍, Han-Viet: Kim Tae-won, born March 9, 1989), is a Korean female singer and actress, leader of the girl group. Girls’ Generation. She is also a member of the group Girls’ Generation-TTS, as well as the special group SM the Ballad of S.M. Entertainment. She has also recorded many soundtrack songs for dramas and movies and has appeared in numerous radio and television shows. Please follow the article to explore more thoroughly about her old Taeyeon profile offline.

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General information about Taeyeon:

Stage Name: Taeyeon (태연)

Birth Name: Kim Tae Yeon (김태연)

Birthday: March 9, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: Korean

Height: 158 cm (5’2″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @taeyeon_ss

Taeyeon’s biography and stage of artistic activity:

taeyeon profile

Taeyeon’s real name is Kim Tae-yeon (Hangul: 김태연), born March 9, 1989, in Jeonju City, Korea. Her family includes her parents, a brother and a sister.
At the age of 13, Taeyeon discovered that “her only talent is singing.” She enrolled in SM Academy during high school and went from Jeonju to Seoul every Sunday for vocal lessons. In 2004, Taeyeon’s vocal trainer, Jung Sun Won, titled The One, “wanted her talent recognized” and gave her the chance to sing along to her in the song “You Bring Me, Joy”. Later, she won first prize at the SM Youth Best Competition and officially signed with and started training at S.M. Entertainment. Finally, she debuted as a member of girl group Girls’ Generation in 2007. In 2008, Taeyeon graduated from Jeonju Arts High School and received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Before debut, Taeyeon was inspired to become an artist from BoA. She “wants to be like BoA and work in Japan as well as around the world.” This became a reality when Girls’ Generation started operating in Japan in 2010.
In May 2012, Taeyeon became a member of the group Girls’ Generation-TTS along with fellow members Tiffany and Seohyun with their debut mini-album Twinkle. The three members became the hosts of the Music Core music program from February 2012 to April 2013.
Taeyeon started acting as a solo artist in October 2015 with his first mini-album I. The album sold over 100,000 copies and the title song “I” reached over 1,600,000 downloads. Why’s second mini-album was released in June 2016 to reach number one on the Gaon Album Chart. Her debut album, My Voice (2017), and the two singles “Fine” and “Make Me Love You” achieved similar success.

In February 2017, Taeyeon released her first studio album, My Voice, with the theme song “Fine”. Both the album and the song reached number one on the Gaon Album Chart and Gaon Digital Chart respectively. In April 2017, the Deluxe version of My Voice was released along with the single “Make Me Love You”. The song reached number four on the Gaon Digital Chart.

On June 18, 2018, Taeyeon released their 3rd mini album Something New, an album of 6 tracks with the title song Something New being released on the same day. The top ten of Itunes in nearly 30 countries and territories, and Mnet’s top-selling charts, Bugs, Genie, Olleh, Soribada, and Naver, topped the charts. The album also reached # 4 on the Billboard World Album.
As a solo artist, Taeyeon has received a number of awards, including four Golden Disk Awards, two Mnet Asian Music Awards, two Seoul Music Awards, a Melon Music Awards and a Gaon Chart Music Awards.

A few notes about Taeyeon:

taeyeon profile

– Despite appearing like his kid, Taeyeon is the oldest and the leader of SNSD.
– Taeyeon is considered SNSD’s best singer.
– Her nickname is: Taeng, Taengoo (Taeng9), Tete, Kid Leader, ByunTaeng (Taeng metamorphosis), JumTaeng
– Taeyeon is SNSD member who has the biggest fan base. Her fan base is the largest among female idol singers in Korea.
– Her vocal mentor is The One, who praised her as his most memorable student. Before SNSD, 15-year-old Taeyeon appeared in the song ‘You Bring Me Joy (Part 2)’. Six years later at the end of 2010, the student-teacher couple reunited with a hit single ‘Like a Star’.
– Taeyeon was dubbed “Queen of OST” because she has a lot of variety drama music.
– Her hometown is Jeonrado Jeonju.
– Taeyeon’s parents own an optical shop in Jeonju.
– She debuted as Kaoru Amane in Midnight Sun, a musical adaptation of the movie ‘Taiyou no Uta’. She learned to play the guitar for that role.
– She joined We Got Married. Her husband in WGM is Jung Hyung Don (MC of Weekly Idol).
– Taeyeon collects perfume.
– Her favorite number is 9.
– Her favorite season is winter.
– Taeyeon’s favorite color is purple.
– She sometimes sleepwalking. She also said in her sleep.
– Taeyeon’s ideal type: “Is not the most basic element is his beautiful smile? To make their smile shine, it’s great to have a guy with white skin and red lips. I want their style to look natural regardless of location or time.”

Some photos of Taeyeon:

taeyeon profile

taeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profiletaeyeon profile

With looks and outstanding talent, SNSD’s leader is the ideal model for many generations of idols in the music world. With only a few basic statistics above, fans are confident that Taeyeon is one of Kpop’s most powerful idols. The rest of the article has gathered the most complete information about Taeyeon profile

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