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Shin Won Ho (Hangul: 신원호, hanja: 申 原 昊), also known as Shin, is a Korean singer, actor and member of the popular Gene Gene group. He has appeared in the movie Big (2012) and The Legend of the Blue Sea. Are you curious about this guy? Let me learn the most complete Shin cross gene profile through this article!

Some personal information about Shin Cross gene

shin cross gene profile

Stage Name: Shin (신)
Birth Name: Shin Wonho (신원호)
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: October 23, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 186 cm (6’1 “)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @cg__shinwonho

Interesting stories about human and career Shin Cross Gene

shin cross gene profile

Shin was born in Seoul, Korea. He has no brothers and sisters.

His nicknames are: Presh Gene, Baby Face, God of Dating, Prince of Ads

Shin attended the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts

He speaks Korean and Japanese. Takuya is the one who taught Shin to Japan.

Shin is known as a visual gecko, just like other celebrities with different angles. Shin is a fan of Japanese culture and enjoys watching anime

He can play guitar and his hobby is collecting big sunglasses.

His favorite dishes are Sushi and American food.

In elementary school, he studied Taekwondo, the high school he played squash and in high school, he learned boxing. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! South Korea)

shin cross gene profile

Shin became the leader of Cross Gene in 2013 after Takuya decided to step down from the leadership position.
He joined G-Dragon in August 2012 and has starred in Korean dramas such as Vegetable Shop (2011), Run 60 (Japan – 2012), Big (2012), Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (25th, 2015), Secret Message (2015), Happy Marriage!? (2016), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016). He also filmed: Running 60 – Game Over (2012), ZEDD (2014).

He appeared in various CFs: Bean Pole CF with Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Skin Food 15 스킨 푸드, KT Wireless Internet, Dunkin Donuts, CF Auction with f (x) Sulli, Pantech Vega Iron, Sumi Chip CF 2014 with Miss A’s Suzy, the bicycles repair shop.

Shin has his radio show broadcast every Tuesday on EK radio station in Japan called “Shin-Kun Yoru No Chuusday”.
In 2012, he won the Best Male Model and Best Actor Rookie. Shin’s ideal type: A person is a bit mischievous (not someone stubborn).

Some pictures of Shin’s most impressive

shin cross gene profile

shin cross gene profile

shin cross gene profile shin cross gene profile

shin cross gene profile

shin cross gene profile

With the enthusiastic reception of the audience for him as well as the Cross gene, Shin promises to bring the audience with the most satisfying and special audiences or support Shin and Cross genes on the road. the art of music with him and the band Cross gene increasingly closer to the public.


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