SeungKwan Seventeen Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

SeungKwan Seventeen  is a well-rounded idol and is recognized for his performance on stage as well as singing techniques. During the performance, SeungKwan performed dances with great intensity but the vocals were still appealing and the audience was excited. Sweet voice combined with many different types of music, the product of this guy attracts millions of followers. Hidden behind a lovely face and small body is a powerful vocal with high volume and ability to express emotions amazing. To understand more about this guy, soon we will provide the most detailed information for you to read can refer.

Some information about SeungKwan

When listening to Seventeen’s songs, the sensational and dramatic segments will definitely be part of Seung Kwan’s or DK’s. On the stage, including dancing and moving nonstop, Seung Kwan’s live voice was perfect. Here is a biography of this handsome guy you can refer to:

Vernon seventeen


Real name: Boo Seung Kwan (Vice Minister)
Chinese name: Fu Sheng Kuan (夫 胜 宽)
Nickname: Mr. Mic, MC Boo, DJ Boo
Team: Vocal
D.O.B: 16/01/1998
School: Seoul Broadcasting High School
Blood type: B
Height: 174cm
Weight: 60kg
Homeland: Jeju-do
Fields: Sing, stirring the air, writing lyrics, MC, DJ, fake other singers
Hobbies: Calligraphy, basketball, musicals
Zodiac Capricorn
Training time: 3 years and 2 months

Interesting about SeungKwan’s personality and hobbies

The reason why Seventeen songs are so great, that fans can enjoy more comfortably is thanks to the combination of vocals of excellence factors like Seung Kwan. SeungKwan  is not only a fan of talent, handsome but he has a very friendly and extremely funny person.

Vernon seventeen

Recently SeungKwan is interested in fashion, now he is working hard by wearing masculine costumes.

SeungKwan says that if he is a girl, he wants to date JeongHan because JeongHan Seventeen is a witty person. He is also attracted by his kind personality as JeongHan’s mother.

SeungKwan said that he is very greedy because he wants to do everything well.

SeungKwan wants to prove to people who are biased towards the group members that they (wrong people) are wrong.

SeungKwan’s ideal type is a girl with big eyes and is like a friend of his.

As the mood of the members goes down, SeungKwan will fake their CEO’s voice and that makes the members’ moods better.

If possible, SeungKwan wants to transform his body with Vernon because he is jealous of Vernon’s beautiful body and skin.

During the “Adore U” period, the members went to their hometown but could not stay alone in the dorm. It was raining and when he was showering, he heard the knock on the door and shouted: “AI’S YES?” But there was no answer. He looked through the hole and there was no one. He opened the door and turned out to be the Chinese food he ordered.

Seungkwan gave the tangerines to reporters at 5 am without being asked to do so.

Before “BOOM BOOM” he lost 7 kg, saying that he “did not want to lose weight but wanted to show his good looks like a singer”
When one of the members feels uncomfortable, he imitates everyone’s voice, like their CEO, to make them laugh.

Before the live broadcast, he and Hoshi held Andromada.

His role is Kim Junsu. It’s been more than 10 years, but he made musicals and solo activities and it looks great to him. He wants to be successful as a team and then show off his solo activities.

The meaning behind the real name Boo means ‘adult’, Seung means ‘success’ and ‘Kwan’ means generous. He wants to be a generous heir. He tries his best to be generous and loves the energy of others.

He is very sensitive. He was really touched to see their fans at concerts, and he took the lyrics very seriously.

Beautiful pictures of the guy SeungKwan

Vernon seventeen

The above is the most detailed information about the seventh guy SeungKwan that we want to share so that readers can refer. possessing the vocal volume of “terrible” with the correct tone, SeungKwan deserves to be the male god in the female fans. Hope that the information we provide above will help you a lot. Thank you for your interest in this article, wish you always happier, healthier and happier in life!

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