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Pentatonix members profile, abbreviated as PTX, is a group of American cappella from Arlington, Texas, featuring singers Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee. Pentatonix established in 2011 and then won the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, receiving $ 200,000 and a record deal with Sony Mus. With more than 15 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views, YouTube’s Pentatonix is ​​now the most subscribed channel on the 50th YouTube channel. The group’s dedication to Daft Punk has received over 250 million views in mid-2017. To help you read more about this group, the following article gives us the most detailed information. Readers can refer.

Pentatonix the tallest group in the US

Pentatonix has released a cover version of A Cappella’s legendary song, “Can not Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley in 1961, PTX’s debut single, Vol. IV-Classics. The official music video of the song immediately attracted three million views on YouTube in a matter of days – when the video was not overly sophisticated and expensive (at least in comparison to that of current artists). Pentatonix has released the cover version of A Cappella’s legendary song.

Pentatonix members profile

When Glee was forgotten by the audience and The Sing-Off was a contest that had drifted past, Pentatonix still had a glorious presence on the music charts, a typical face of the new generation… What is perhaps to be remembered, is the cradle to “nurture” the Pentatonix from the debut flop of 2011 from The Sing-Off.

Pentatonix is ​​currently one of the most successful bands in the US. Starting in 2012, the group has pocketed the top seven albums in the Billboard 200 and has since won three consecutive Grammy Awards, including the 2017 Grammy for A Capella. of the legendary song “Jolene” – a collaboration with the talented singer Parton.

A great part of the success of Pentatonix is ​​probably time. Pentatonix has won The Sing-Off in 2011, just like a leading music phenomenon called A Cappella. Nonetheless, the group unleashes new cover songs full of “colors and flavors” so that listeners can not stop paying attention to their products.

Pentatonix members profile

The progress in music and the combined product of Pentatonix has been constantly expanding and innovating, more importantly, the team that has built a huge fan base through a solid foundation – the magic of the 5 members and the infinite creativity in the songs

Their most successful album, also called “That’s Christmas To Me,” was released in 2014. Even though the album is a collection of extremely familiar songs, under Pentatonix’s changed hands, becoming the fourth best selling product of the year

The appeal of music to the new style of Pentatonix determines the success of this group. At the time of the pop charts lack of color, Pentatonix appeared to be full of charm and class.

Members of the Pentatonix group

Pentatonix is ​​a globally recognized a capella group thanks to the achievements that they have made. Having won three Grammy Awards and sold 10 million albums worldwide, their ten albums reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 and were certified by the RIAA for platinum, platinum and single sales. yellow album. The combination of 5 singers has created a collective strength. Avi Kaplan got out of the band after they got a bit of fame and replaced him as a singer named Matt Sallee on the other member’s development team.

1. Scott Hoying

Scott Hoying is said to have begun performing at the age of eight. He is a musician and pianist who graduated from Martin High School in Arlington, TX and later enrolled in Australia, where he became part of SoCal VoCals, a popular and popular acapella school song.

Pentatonix members profile

This guy is always involved in various music projects even before finding success in Pentatonix. He was one of the finalists on CBS ‘Search for a Game and was probably a favorite for the national anthem at many professional sports events and universities.

2. Mitch Grasi

Mitch Grasi graduated from high school recently, the youngest member of the acapella group. He competed in many talent contests and won the Teen Tallent Follies award after he performed Alan Kis The Air.

Pentatonix members profile

In addition to Pentatonix’s lead singer, the young man continues to cultivate his skills in production and DJing as his musical tastes extend to underground clubs and electronic music.

3. Kristin Maldonado

Kristin Maldonado honed her skills while she was a touring member at the Arlington Theater, where she learned to sing harmony eight parts over eight years. Just before joining the group, she was a Spanish scholar at the University of Oklahoma’s second-largest theater.

Pentatonix members profile

Kristin began training in high school and was a member of the Texas All-State Chorus for three years. In July 2017 she released her first solo EP, “LOVE”

4. Kevin Olusola

Kevin OLUSOLA is the son of a psychiatrist NIGERIA and nurse GRENADIAN. He began playing piano, cello, and saxophone from a very young age and continued performing twice at Carnegie Hall as a soloist. He attended Philip Academy Andover High School and attended Yale University after he graduated.

Pentatonix members profile

Right at the University, he began to develop a skill called “celloboxing,” where he played cello while beating a beatboxing at the same time. On March 10, 2015, he released a solo album called The Renegade EP, topping the Billboard Traditional Classical and Classical Crossover.

5. Matt Sallee

Matt Sallee started singing in a very young age under the direction of his father as a music pastor. Later, he continued to perform many shows and musicals in his schools and around the South Maryland area. He loves to sing all genres and is proud of his versatility to bring any style of music that best fits his audience.

Pentatonix members profile

He was trained classical and sang in all the choir available all through the high school. After graduating, he was admitted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he earned many singing opportunities for the President and the Presidential Advisory Committee as the only performer and Become a member of one of the best universities.

Pentatonix is ​​becoming extremely valuable and the group is leading the way to the most successful new generation of music in the United States. The five members are “flesh and blood” and losing 1 would be a big loss. The interplay between the members is what makes Pentatonix different. With the information we have provided above, you have a better understanding of this group and right. If you find our post meaningful, do not forget to share with your friends to refer to offline!

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