MV Spring Day (BTS) – Tears with the best MAMA 2017 of Bangtan Boy

MV Spring Day BTS (봄날) was released on February 13, 2017. This is the album’s theme song repackage “You Never Walk Alone”. It is also known as the “Spring Hymn” with a warm melody about the theme of friendship. It made the fans’ hearts beat harder when they enjoyed it.

MV Spring Day BTS’s Information

MV Spring Day was released on February 13, 2017. It is not only an elaborate investment image but also MVs that contain deep messages. It is a picture of a friend’s death.

The lyrics themselves are quite clear: “Yes, I hate you. You leave but not one day I forget you.” It was the friend who chose to end this life. So a little angry reaction is understandable. However, the MV showed sympathy with that friend’s point of view. Just through the first part, you can feel it.

The depth in the MV is still the love between friends. It was the RM singing that he wanted to “Go to the afterlife to take your hand” but it was obvious that they were going on two different paths. Those are extremely painful feelings when two people are in different worlds.

“To end this winter.
How long does it take for the snow to fall?
Let spring come again
My friend “

MV Spring Day (BTS) - Tears with the best MAMA 2017 of Bangtan Boy

One more special thing in this MV is the leader of Rap Monster who wrote the main melodies for Spring Day. The song is also influenced by various genres from hip hop to British rock …

MV Spring Day BTS’s Achievement

With Spring Day, BTS has brought outstanding achievements.

– MV Spring Day holds the record of 10 million, 20 million, 30 million fastest views among Kpop groups

– At the 2017 MAMA, Spring Day achieved The best MV award with the content of the meaning of the MV about the death of a friend may be due to suicide. Especially one of the aspects that are considered is longevity (the time to stick on the charts).

MV Spring Day (BTS) - Tears with the best MAMA 2017 of Bangtan Boy

– Spring Day also brought back Digital Bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards, “Song of the Year” award at the Melon Music Awards

– On September 24, 2018, this MV also contributed to the MV Collection to reach 200 million views on YouTube after 541 release days.

– Spring Day is also a top-rated song with a record of 73 weeks on MelOn’s Weekly chart. This is also the highest continuous ranking record of an IDOL group.

Some fans’ feedback

– “Oh my God, it’s my favorite song, the song really gives me a great feeling, the song deserves all the most important awards.”

– “I love the time of Blood, Sweat, and Tears but Spring Day gives me a very different feeling. I became an ARMY after listening to Spring Day, it was very moving and I thought it was a song to bring Very deep meaning. Love Bangtan too much! ”

– “Spring Day has a lot of emotional meanings, it is like going straight to my heart, Spring Day really brings me back to my childhood and past memories. No matter what it is, it is professional. Such appreciation … The lyrics are too great! BTS tried to!

MV Spring Day (BTS) - Tears with the best MAMA 2017 of Bangtan Boy

– “It’s true that K-pop king. Let’s go even further 7 my guys!”

– “BTS is so good, they really know how to connect with that fan …”

– “That’s right, it’s no surprise to their achievements, only BTS overthrew BTS …”

With MV Spring Day BTS, BTS boys want to convey a message to fans that treasure friendship. Because maybe one day, they will permanently leave us. Those who stay will still continue their daily lives, while the other will remain on the train going to another place. So feel this deeply. An MV containing profound humanistic messages will surely appeal to you. Did you watch this MV?


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