MV N.O (BTS) – Liberation from adult expectations and self-control

N.O BTS(엔. 오) also known by another name No Offense is an MV was released on September 10, 2013 – one day ahead of the album’s release date. With this MV was introduced as a member wearing a school uniform. And they are rebelling against their teachers – who seems to be a dermatologist.

MV N.O BTS’s Information

N.O is an MV of O! RUL8,2 album. There are 10 songs in this album, of which N.O is the title song for the lead single. MV N.O was released September 10, 2013, the day before the album’s release.

 In the MV the BTS members conveyed a very clear message. It is about breaking the limit and living your way. And it also partly criticizes the left corners of the school environment in the current period.

It is the students who feel frustrated by the high expectations of adults. And that has affected their lives as well as their true happiness. With the focal point in the MV: “Adults keep saying that our life is so happy now. So how do we explain our suffering?”.

MV N.O has received many compliments from netizens. It has helped to make BTS one of the groups with the inner voice of Kpop. And also received a lot of compliments from fans.

MV N.O (BTS) - Liberation from adult expectations and self-control

MV N.O BTS’s Achievement

With the MV N.O contributed to the success of O! RUL8.2 album. Up to the present time, this MV has reached over 65 million views. Although it did not reach the record as many popular music videos before. But this also marks an impressive start for the BST. From this point, it brought the group into one of the groups with the inner voice of Kpop. And also help shape the group’s style through future products.

Some fans’ feedback

– Choreography: Intense
Lyrics: Savage but meaningful
Melody: Lit
Fashion: Neat but swaggy
Hairstyles and make up: Simple but on point (specially Suga)
Acting: Effortless yet delivered professionally (Specially Jungkook face expression)
Production: Amazing
Concept: Unique
I really think N.O is freaking underrated.

– I read the lyrics for the first time and I’m impressed! The message behind the song is so amazing!!

MV N.O (BTS) - Liberation from adult expectations and self-control

– The concept reminds me of “another brick in the wall” & that’s something Korea definitely needs/needed to be reminded of because their school system and overall society are basically modern slavery and no individualism

– This song really has a deep meaning, and explain our 21st-century world. I love this old mv and hope soon it will hit 100M

– This era was so powerful. This message connects with so many people no matter where we’re from. I love BTS soo much. I will never tire of them.

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With MV N.O BTS it reflects reality through containing a humanistic message. That goes beyond the limits. Live and fight for your life, what I really want. It is the words and stories that the MV wants to convey that have contributed to the transfer of positive energy to the young people while sitting in the school chair.


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