MV MV Danger (BTS) – The contribution of Thanh Bui and Bangtan Boy

MV Danger BTS  was officially released on August 19, 2014. This is a song from BTS band Dark & ​​Wild. “Wild” and “dark” are words that can describe MV Danger. It is this song that has contributed to shaping the group’s personal style. And also help the group get more attention from fans around the world.

MV Danger BTS’s Information

On August 19, 2014, MV Danger was officially released on YouTube. MV Danger was produced by Lumpens and GDW. A month after the release, the version remixed of Danger was released. It is a combination of singer, musician Thanh Bui (Vietnam) and members of the BTS group. With this new version, it was officially launched on November 21 in both Vietnam and Korea markets.

MV Danger Korean Ver 

The MV quickly received much positive feedback from fans. Especially in the MV, there was a scene of BTS boys dancing on the floor full of water, splashing water. This is considered the most spectacular scene of this MV.

With MV Danger, fans gave the BTS members the name “Wild” and “Darkness”. Because the song brought the audience closer to the style of the group. It can be said that the attraction of MV Danger is the combination of classic Kpop MV, with choreography and images, an extremely rotating location. Surely it will make you happy when watching.

MV Danger BTS’s Achievement

By the time of 4:55 pm (Korean time) on November 13, this MV has reached the milestone of 100 million views. This is the 9th MV of the group that achieved this achievement after a number of names such as Dope, Fire, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Boy In Luv

By the current period, February 2019, the MV has over 120 million views.

MV Danger Mix Ver (Thanh Bui and Bangtan Boy)

This MV has spread widely by hosting the contest Danger Cover. It was a contest to write Vietnamese lyrics for the English chorus of the song. And through that, it has spread more deeply the value of Vietnamese culture to international friends.

In particular, Danger ranked No. 3 in the Billboard World Albums category.

Some fans’ feedback

Besides, the MV has received a lot of feedback from viewers. By great music and dance. And this is also one of the reasons that helped BTS become one of the groups with huge foreign fans.

Some fans’ feedback about this MV:

– “Is it just me or do I prefer watching BTS more than anything?”

– “Am I the only one who thinks jin never ages? I mean he looks exactly same 4yrs before”

– “I haven’t got words to say just that BTS is best. They are my everything. I love them more than everything in the world.”

MV MV Danger (BTS) - The contribution of Thanh Bui and Bangtan Boy

– “Finding comments in Spanish is so difficult but it does not matter that I keep looking for the one who seeks always finds the one who finds a friend finds a treasure, then I will be a treasure hunter. Who tells you maybe he finds it! Army fighting!”

– “Latin army we have a meeting in this MV, there is a lot of air to do, let’s get more army to know it,
The truth is that all the videos are good, we should try to reach as far as possible, help us, the union is strength! fighting!”

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MV Danger BTS received a lot of compliments from fans. Because in the MV, the boys showed excellent dancing skills. Especially the scene on the floor full of water is one of the best scenes of the MV. All 7 members of the dance group on the music scene created a great scene. Please, watch this MV of BTS


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