MV DNA (BTS) – Deleted the top chart of Big Bang with 650 million views

The BTS group’s MV DNA BTS is in the mini album Love Yourself: Her. It was released on September 18, 2017. Thanks to this MV, BTS has established many remarkable achievements. As of early March 2019, the MV has received more than 650 million views and officially became the MV of the most viewed music group Kpop.

MV DNA BTS’s Information

DNA BTS was released on September 18, 2017. This is an MV in the group’s mini album – Love Yourself: Her. DNA brings many deep and humane messages about people and virtual reality. This is also a style, a new direction for fans.

When answering Billboard about the concept of the MV this time, Rap Monter explained. The DNA has a symbolic meaning for youth, enthusiasm, and love. Therefore, the song has the sentence: “The two of us are fatefully connected from the start, our DNA was just one thing.” And this MV is also the time for BTS to step into the new page. The lyrics of the song can also feel the message that the song wants to convey.

“The DNA in my blood is telling me
That it’s you who I’ve been looking for
Our encounter is a mathematical formula
The law of religion, the ways of the universe”

MV DNA (BTS) - Deleted the top chart of Big Bang with 650 million views

Besides, the MV also emphasized the meeting of lovers. It was not a coincidence that they found their destiny instead. Basically, DNA MV is a dramatic story of love, destined to be very long.

A unique feature in MV DNA is the use of color. The MV uses only basic and simple colors, overlapping backdrops. Add to that the computer graphics technique. And that is also the attraction of readers for this MV.

MV DNA BTS’s Achievement

Every time a new MV is released, BTS sets new records. And DNA is not an exception. Less than half a day after the MV was released, the MV DNA gained 10 million views. It took only about 10 hours of DNA to reach 13 million views. And after 24 hours, it has achieved about 20.9 million views.

The MV MV became the Kpop MV that achieved the fastest 10 million views, reached the best 20 million times and was the most watched MV after 24 hours of release. Besides, this MV also reached the milestone of 1 million YouTube likes.

MV DNA (BTS) - Deleted the top chart of Big Bang with 650 million views

The MV DNA is in the mini album Love Yourself: Her. The album also reached # 1 on the Top Album Chart in more than 73 countries and territories around the world. This is also the highest achievement that a group has achieved so far.

As of March 2019, the MV has achieved over 650 million views on YouTube. This is a remarkable achievement for an MV that is just over 1 year old.

Not only that, the MV DNA previously brought to the group BTS many titles such as the first Kpop group with products reaching 300 million, 400 million, 450 million, 500 million, 550 million in Kpop. And still growing impressively.

Some fans’ feedback

With the DNA MV, BTS has added a wider fan community. In addition to the view count, this MV also received many compliments from fans.

– “Can’t wait for their comeback
I swear that’s gonna be lit again”

MV DNA (BTS) - Deleted the top chart of Big Bang with 650 million views

– “Remember DNA and Fire massive reproduction on March 1 and March 3, the goal now is 1B please guys and girls spread the word so that more ARMY’s can find out and contribute to this cause”

– “Army….. Don’t stop streaming… Now we need to reach 700 million before any other Kpop. Because I am a selfish & Lil bit partial towards BTS”

– “I love you so much. Can’t live without you, my boys”

– “I will forever be attached to BTS even at my moment of death”

With MV DNA BTS we can feel the deep messages that the group wants to convey. It is easier to connect with lovers. And we are young, small people in this universe and of course follow the rules of creation. Have you seen this MV?


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