MV Blood, Sweat and Tears (BTS)- “It’s hard to resist temptation”

Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS(“피 땀 눈물”) is the album released October 10, 2016. In preparation for the premiere, the group held a press conference. There they shared its concept and message. The RM leader explained: “It is difficult to resist temptation, you will think about it more and hesitate. Uncertainty is part of the development process. Blood Sweat & Tears is a song that shows. What do we think, choose and develop “.

MV Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS’s Information

At 12:00 KST, October 10, 2016, official music video has been released. This video has a length of 6 minutes showing RM reading a passage from Deian of Hermann Hesse. It is also the inspiration for the album. It is described as an obsession to discover the concepts of fate.

After that, the Japanese version was released on May 10, 2017. This version has been at the top of Oricon’s daily chart.

Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS Korean Ver

The MV has shown incredible creativity. And that creativity is also the culmination of the group’s music career so far. Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS have a unique symphony and show an artistic impression. Looking at this MV can see eye-catching images, amazing stage effects. Of course, it is indispensable to express the members’ expressions. All have created a luxurious and passionate look.

MV Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS’s Achievement

– Only 24 hours after the MV was released it achieved 6.3 million views and thanks to this MV, it set a new record.

 Blood, Sweat and Tears Japanese Ver

– On October 13, Blood, Sweat and Tears’ music video made BTS the first group to have a Kpop MV reaching 10 million views. In fact, it was less than 42 hours – almost half of the time that Fire had previously set.

– In February 2017, the MV became the 3rd music video of the group to exceed 100 million views on Youtube. At that time, this was the second MV of a Kpop group to do this. Until October 29, 2017, Blood, Sweat and Tears is BTS’s 3rd MV that has reached 200 million views on YouTube.

– Up to the present time, February 2019, the MV has over 400 million views on Youtube. This is a remarkable achievement for a Kpop group.

– With Blood, Sweat and Tears also brought the group to the YouTube Music Global Top 100 – 17th place on the video chart.

– It is known that this is also a best-selling song of BTS. And also the highest ranked single that Kpop ever had on the Billboard 200. What’s more special is that this achievement was achieved only after 10 days of the MV release.

MV Blood, Sweat and Tears (BTS)- "It's hard to resist temptation"

Some other awards:

– Nominated for Best Music Video Award at the 18th Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016 Awards

– Won the Best Music Boy Group award at the KBS Awards MV Bank MV Best 5, 2016

– Won the Best Music Video Award at the Seoul Music Awards 2017 Awards

Some fans’ feedback

MV Blood, Sweat and Tears received a lot of compliments and inspired many fans.

– This song is one of my favorite BTS songs and every time I listen it never gets old and Their voice give me shiver again again

– This is the song that changes the whole Kpop community

– I remember when I didn’t know anything about Kpop, I decided to watch one and gladly the first one I watched was DOPE. And until this day I never regretted it

MV Blood, Sweat and Tears (BTS)- "It's hard to resist temptation"

– Three days ago I didn’t even know what was BTS… And now I think I have a problem, I’m listing all their song and I can’t stop

– It was inspired by the book called Demian by the German author Hermann Hesse this MV includes many metaphors from historical artwork to religious symbolics.

– I’ve been an army for over a year now and I still. I still get so overwhelmed by this mv. the power of BTS never ceases to amaze me. Good luck to any fresh army who are seeing this masterpiece for the first time.

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MV Blood, Sweat and Tears BTS has won many important awards as well as established many records in the Kpop music industry. The MV also conveyed a very deep message “You still have to chaos in the habit to give birth to a dancing star”. And it can also be understood that dancing stars are metaphorically known as an artistic creation. That is exactly what BTS boys are doing.


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