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Leeteuk Super Junior Profile Full Name, Age, Height, Religion, And Facts

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

Do you like Super Junior and especially Leeteuk? Want to know Leeteuk super junior profile? Leeteuk (Hangul: 이특, Hanja: 利特) is actually Park Jung-soo or Park Jeong Su (Hangul: 박정수, Hanja: 朴正洙) (born July 1, 1983), is a singer, actor-host program, Korean DJ. He is the leader of one of the top Hallyu groups of Super Junior. To understand more about this multi-talented guy, please refer to the article below!

Leeteuk full profile

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

Stage Name: Leeteuk (이특)
Birth Name: Park Jung Soo (박정수)
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
English Name: Dennis Park
Birthday: July 1, 1983
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 178 cm (5’10 “)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Specialties: Piano, Composition, Listening to music, Singing
Instruments: Piano and Saxophone
Twitter: @special1004
Instagram: @xxteukxx

Some interesting information about Leeteuk

Leeteuk was born in Seoul, Korea. Leeteuk became a trainee since the age of 13.

He is Super Junior-T of Super Junior and Super Junior-T. His religion is Christian.

In the future, when the group disbanded, he wanted to become a producer. Leeteuk’s ideal type is a polite, loyal and friendly person, knowledgeable, beautiful, innocent, wise, lively, slim, will only look at her as she laughs, turning her eyes into a half moon shape.

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

Leeteuk is known for his humor and special skills. He is a favorite MC for his humor and his ability to adapt quickly to situations. He was voted leader of all Kpop groups.

He is the first member of Super Junior to be recruited by SM Entertainment. Lee Teuk is considered one of Super Junior’s six best dance members and has always been chosen to participate in SBS dance competitions such as Star Dance Battle. Not to stop there, LeeTeuk proved to the audience that he also owns a sweet vocal after the song “Glumbing” with f (x) Krytal on MBC Enjoy Today.

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

On November 6, 2005, Leeteuk debuted on SBS’s Popular Songs as a member of Super Junior’s first Super Junior 05. The group performed their first single “TWINS (Knock Out)” in front of about 500 fans.

Around March 2006, SM Entertainment started recruiting new members for Super Junior’s next generation, and Leeteuk will continue to be Super Junior 05’s leader. However, the plan changed when the company added to thirteen, Kyuhyun, and announced to stop forming future Super Junior generations. The group left the suffix “05” and officially became Super Junior.

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

The new group got a big win after they released “U” in the summer, which became Super Junior’s most successful single on the music charts until “Sorry, Sorry” was released in March 2009.

In February 2007, he was placed in Super Junior-T – singing the song Trot. One year later, he became a member of Super Junior-Happy.

Leeteuk co-hosted Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (SUKIRA) with Eunhyuk since 2006. Leeteuk has also been praised for his showmanship skills. In addition, he also participated in SBS Star King (lead by Kang Ho Dong) and Strong Heart (lead by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Ki). In Strong Heart, Leeteuk along with the two members Eunhyuk and Shindong make up Teukigayo (Teuk Academy), a happy segment in which has gained a lot of support from the audience.

In 2010, Leeteuk became the new MC for MBC Enjoy Today, replacing Big Bang’s Seungri, who left to focus on Big Bang’s new album. On the show, Leeteuk sang f (x) ‘s Krystal for the song “Grumbing”. Leeteuk is the MC for MBC Love Chaser along with Yesung.

Leeteuk Super Junior Profile

In 2011, Leeteuk unexpectedly released new song Ice Cream duet with Joo, a singer from JYP Entertainment. He made a good impression on the audience thanks to his sweet voice and cute, youthful image.

On October 30th, 2012 LeeTeuk was enlisted for 18 months as Kangin (a member of the SJ group who completed two years of military service and returned with the “Spy”). After nearly 2 years of burning team leader on July 29, 2014, LeeTeuk has been demobilized.

There are rumors of Leeteuk having a girlfriend but no source has identified the identity of this lucky girl. Previously, Leeteuk said that he wanted to have more children and be an introvert. Therefore, many fans believe that his girlfriend is a foreigner.

In early January 2014, Leeteuk was sent home three days after returning home to take care of his family after his father and grandpa died in a traffic accident. The members of Super Junior also came to give their condolences and help.

So, with some interesting information about the person and Leeteuk’s career that I just shared here to help you understand more about this multi-talented guy. Leeteuk is admired by the youth not only vocal, performance but also impressive appearance. With the enthusiastic reception from the audience, Leeteuk always strives to bring the moments that are immersed in music in the best way for the audience. Always support him on the road of art!

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