Leeteuk Super Junior Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And ETC

Leeteuk Super Junior is often referred to by the fans as the “angel leader” and always appears with a bright smile. He is not only the leader of Super Junior in the activities that over the past 10 years, but he has also always taken care of the group members as a brother. Known as a singer, actor, host, DJ, and leader of one of the top Hallyu groups in Super Junior. To understand more about this talented team leader, hereafter we would like to share the most interesting information for you to read can refer.

Leeteuk’s biography

As the leader of the group, Leeteuk owns many valuable qualities that all members of the group respect and listen to his every word. Thanks to his friendly personality, Leeteuk is always loved by fans. Here is a summary of the most basic information about Super Junior Leeteuk you can refer to:

Leeteuk super junior

Stage Name: Leeteuk (이특)

Birth Name: Park Jung Soo (박정수)

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper

English Name: Dennis Park

Birthday: July 1, 1983

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Hobbies/Specialties: Piano, Composition, Listening to music, Singing

Instruments: Piano and Saxophone

Twitter: @special1004

Instagram: @xxteukxx

Some of Leeteuk’s personal information

Having to lead a pop idol group “Kpop” in the past few years does not make Leeteuk so discouraged that he always empowers the group by staying positive and believing that Super Junior will Long-term survival. The leader watches the activities of the members, whether they are solo performances, appearances on variety shows or other schedules. Thanks to his sacrifices, Leeteuk always received the respect and love from the members and the audience.

– Leeteuk is called special because of his “leadership style” style. He also did well in his work as a successful leader. Leeteuk is known for his humor and special skills. He is a favorite MC for his humor and his ability to adapt quickly to situations. He also loves make-up. He was voted leader of all Kpop groups.

– He is the first member of Super Junior to be recruited by SM Entertainment. Lee Teuk is considered one of Super Junior’s six best dance members and has always been chosen to participate in SBS dance competitions such as Star Dance Battle. Not to stop there, Leeteuk proved to the audience that he also owns a sweet vocal after the song “Plumbing” with f (x) Krystal on MBC Enjoy Today.

– In 2011, Leeteuk unexpectedly released new song Ice Cream duet with Joo, a singer from JYP Entertainment. He made a good impression on the audience thanks to his sweet voice and cute, youthful image. Many fans commented that he looked like a high school student, not a 30-year-old man when they watched the music video for this song.

Leeteuk super junior

– There are rumors that Leeteuk has a girlfriend but no source has identified the identity of this lucky girl. Previously, Leeteuk said that he wanted to have more children and be an introvert. Therefore, many fans believe that his girlfriend is a foreigner.

– Leeteuk has completed military service when enlisted on July 29, 2014 (after 21 months of military service from 30/10/2012). After leaving the army Lee Teuk immediately went to the gym to the team members to prepare for their first comeback after the demobilization.

– In early January 2014, Leeteuk was sent home three days after returning home to work for the family after his father and grandfather died in an accident. Communication. The members of Super Junior also came to give their condolences and help.

Leeteuk’s most beautiful images

Together we review some of the best images of the guy named Leeteuk is the most favorite audience immediately following:

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk super junior

Leeteuk is not only a leader but also a big brother, a strong shoulder that all other members can lean on. By the talent of some of his enthusiasm, Leeteuk guy always received enthusiastic support from the audience. Having a great leader like Leeteuk, it’s not hard to understand when Super Junior is still doing well after 10 years. Hope that with the information we provide above you can understand more about the profile and personality of this guy already. Thank you for your interest in our article, if you find them interesting and meaningful, do not forget to share to your friends to refer to offline!

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