Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne: Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

Lai Kuan Lin Wanna One is a rare idol that emerged from a life-and-death competition that produced such a big hit as “Produce 101 Season 2”. With the appearance of men and the style of performance gradually improved through each stage, Lai Guan Lin and Wanna One has achieved many successes that almost no rookie do. Please also find out more about this boy offline.

Thông tin chung về Lai Kuan Lin Wanna One:

Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne

Stage Name: Kuanlin (관린)

Birth Name: Lai Guan Lin (賴冠霖)

Korean Name: Lai Kuanlin/ Lai Kuanlin (라이관린)

English Name: Edward Lai

Position: Lead Rapper, Maknae

Birthday: September 23, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Nationality: Taiwanese

Height: 183 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Lai Kuan Lin’s Profile Wanna One:

Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne

Lai Kuan Lin was recruited by Cube Entertainment during the Cube Star World Audition in Taiwan in 2016.
In 2017, Lai Kuan Lin joined the second season of Produce 101, representing Cube Entertainment. Right from the first episode of Produce 101, the guy has attracted attention thanks to handsome looks, constantly appearing in the Top 11 with high rankings. In addition, Lai Guan Lin also won the hearts of female fans thanks to the lovely, hardworking. Kuan Lin ranked seventh in the last episode with 905,875 votes, officially becoming the youngest member of the Wanna One. He achieved initial success after only 6 months as a trainee.
In November 2017, Kuan Lin appeared in Soyeon’s music video for her single “Jelly”. As well as being a member of Wanna One in Korea,
In 2018 Lai Kuan Lin also operates in China, receiving offers from the skincare brand. Jart to become their brand ambassador, bringing great success to the company with more than 9 million certified products being sold in 56 minutes.

Some interesting information about Lai Kuan Lin Wanna One:

Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne

– He was born in Taipei, Taiwan
– He was ranked second in school when he went to school
– He’s a trainee at Cube Entertainment
– His favorite Hyung in Cube Entertainment is Jung Wooseok of the Pentagon
– He can speak Mandarin, Korean and English
– The name Guanlin means “rainy season”
– He has a lot of sasaeng fans
– Kuanlin likes basketball and is a small striker in his team.
– Kuanlin says the most difficult Korean to pronounce is “jokbal”. He said he loves jokbal (jumbo trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices) but cannot pronounce it. XD
– He moved to Korea before he graduated from high school, pursuing his dream.
– Wanna One member chose Kuanlin as the member who cried the least in the group. They never saw Kuanlin cry.
– Kuanlin’s favorite dish is hot pot.
– Seonho (CUBE coach) revealed that Kuanlin likes to call rather than text.
– Kuanlin learns Korean through K drama (besides having a tutor he meets three times a week).
– Kuan Lin is also known as the fashion guy in WannaOne.
– Kuanlin has a cat in Taiwan named Mimi.
– He likes spring and autumn
– His favorite fashion item is shoes
– He likes to model
– If he has the opportunity to appear in acting or acting, he wants to play the bad guy
– His favorite color is pink
– His favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warrior and his favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry.
– He wants to raise a Shiba dog
– They chose the room after playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’.
– Kuanlin cannot watch horror movies and does not like watching unsubstantiated movies
– Kuanlin says he likes Jihoon very much.

Some highlights of Lai Kuan Lin Wanna One:

Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne Lai Kuan Lin WannaOne

After just over a year, the boy born in 2001 has grown up a lot, from the Producer 101, now becoming the “idol Lai Kuan Lin” of Wanna One. Wanna One has only been active for 18 months, but with strong team achievements and strong influence, Lai Kuan Lin Wanna One is able to stand on his own feet to take a more solid step in his career. later career.

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