Krystal F(x) Full Update Name, Birthday, Height, Religion, And Facts

Krystal is a Korean-American female singer and actress. Krystal F(x) debuted as a member of the f (x) band in 2009 and participated in the SM Ballad of SM. Entertainment. If you are curious and want to understand more about this girl, please refer to the article below!

Krystal Profile

Krystal fx

Stage Name: Krystal (크리스탈)
Birth Name: Chrystal Soo Jung (크리스탈 수정)
English Name: Krystal Jung (크리스탈 정)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group, Maknae
Nationality: Korean / American
Birthday: October 24, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 165 cm (5’5 “)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @vousmevoyez

Some interesting information about Krystal

Krystal was born in San Francisco, California, USA. Jessica Jung (former member of Girls’ Generation) is her older sister. Her father is a boxer and her mother is a gymnast.

Education: Korean Kent International School and Hanlim High School of Art (Graduated)

She was hired by SM Entertainment in 2000 while on a family visit to Korea, along with her sister.

She wants people to call her by Korean name, Soo Jung, through Krystal.

Krystal fx

She is a friend with Park Shin-Hye. She admired Christina Aguilera.

She has an affair with Kai from EXO since March 2016. On June 1, 2017, SM Entertainment confirmed that Krystal officially terminated her relationship with Kai.

Krystal’s ideal type: “A beautiful man in horny glasses, white shirt, jeans, and black hair while having fun and having their own fragrance.”

Biography and artistic activities of Krystal

In 2000, when the whole family returned to Korea, Krystal was discovered by SM Entertainment staff. After that, SM saw the potential of Krystal and asked her to study vocal and dance, thus choosing to formally train her in the field of singing. However, the offer was rejected by Krystal’s parents on the grounds that she was too young. Instead, the Krystal family allowed Jessica to attend SM Academy.

In 2000, she made a cameo appearance for Shinhwa boy band Wedding March. In 2002, Krystal first appeared in the green tea advertisement Lotte Chaurin along with actress Han Ga-in.

Krystal fx

In 2006, with the permission of his parents, Krystal attended hip-hop and jazz dance classes at SM Academy.

Krystal studied at Korea Kent Foreign School from elementary school to junior high school. She graduated from Hanlim High School with a dedication prize on February 7, 2013. Krystal enrolled at Sungkyunkwan Drama School with her friend Kang Jiyoung.

Career Krystal

She has participated in many commercials and participated in the M ​​/ V of the boy band Shinhwa. Krystal debuted as the lead vocalist for f (x) in September 2009.

In March 2010, Krystal joined the MV through the Melody Project. Krystal released her solo single titled “Melody” for this project.

Krystal became the MC for MBLAQ’s The M Wave with Thunder. Krystal also appeared on Let’s Go Dream Team 2, where Krystal broke the record high jump set 10 years ago, with a height of 1.95 meters.

Krystal fx

In July, Krystal debuted as an actor with a supporting role in the sitcom “More Charming by the Day.”

Krystal was awarded the “Newcomer Comedy Award” at the 2010 MBC Entertainment Awards for her role.

In 2011, Krystal recorded the song “Because of Me” for the movie Sign, and a duet with Super Junior member Leeteuk, titled “Grumbling”. She also won the first place in the Kiss & Cry skating show.

Krystal fx

Krystal joined High Kick 3, starring as Ahn Soo Jung. Krystal was praised by actor Ahn Nae Sang for Krystal’s performance in the film.

In 2012, Krystal released the song “Butterfly” with Jessica for the movie “To the Beautiful You”, the movie Sulli is the female lead.

Krystal has been cast in The Heirs, Lee Bo Na’s character is spoiled but lovable and has a kind heart. The character was beloved by viewers and voted “Best Onscreen Couple” along with CN Blue’s Kang Min-hyuk at the 2013 Drama Fever Awards.

Krystal fx

In 2014, Krystal joined the SM Ballad group, formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2010.

On Breath’s second album, Krystal sang the Japanese version of “Breath” with TVXQ’s Changmin. Krystal also sang with EXO’s Chen, the song titled “When I Was … When U Were …”.

Krystal performs a duet with Chen at S.M. The Ballad Joint Recital on February 12. In March, Krystal made a cameo in the 2013QR3 Potato Star. Krystal also released the song “Say Yes” for the movie Make Your Move with Jessica and Wu Shan.

Krystal fx

In July, Krystal with her sister Jessica was introduced on the reality show of two sisters Jessica & Krystal. The program showed the normal image of two sisters, contrary to the cold image in public.

At the end of the year, Krystal starred in the movie My Lovely Girl as the lead actress and this is her first time taking on the lead role, along with Rain and L (Kim Myungsoo). Krystal plays a character named Se Na, who was in Seoul to pursue her musical career. Krystal released his solo single “All Of A Sudden” for the film’s soundtrack. At the Baeksang Arts Awards, Krystal was awarded “Most Popular Actress in TV” for her role in the film.

In 2015, Krystal took on the role of actor Seo Jun Young in the short film Listen To My Song for W Korea’s 10th anniversary.

Krystal fx

Krystal has also taken on the role of the upcoming Chinese film, the Unexpected Love film, along with EXO’s Lay. On November 28th, SM Entertainment representative announced that Krystal was chosen as the female lead in the Chinese drama Graduation Season.

At the end of 2016, Krystal plays cameo Min-Ji, a flight attendant in the first episode of The Legend of the Blue Sea, reunites with Lee Min-ho in The Heirs.

On February 12, 2017, it was reported that Krystal would release a collaborative single titled “I Do not Wanna Love You” with June One Kim member Glen Check. The song was first revealed on February 14th at a clothing store in Seoul and was subsequently released online at night on February 15th in Korea. In that month, Krystal confirmed the attendance. TvN’s movie Bride of the Water God.

Krystal fx

In November 2017, Krystal starred in the comedy series Wise Prison Life, directed by Reply PD Shin Won-ho. Krystal won ‘Woman of the Year’ by GQ Korea.

On 4 June 2018, Audi Korea announced that Krystal would become the brand ambassador for Audi in 2018 along with Lee Jinwook and Choi Siwon. They will attend domestic and foreign events for one year. Krystal will be used by ‘Audi its’ as an exclusive vehicle.

Krystal fx

Krystal is a singer, multi-talented and beautiful figure. She proved her talent through competitions and musical performances and was better when she captured the attention of the audience through her acting in each of the roles she filmed. Always support and wish Krystal success!

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