Jihoon Wanna One: Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

Park Ji-hoon (Hangul: 박지훈; Hanja: 朴志勋) was born on May 29, 1999) is a South Korean male singer and actor who became a member of the boyband project WANNA ONE. after winning No. 2 on the Mnet Korean TV Produce 101 (Season 2) finale. Please find out more about Jihoon Wanna One offline.

General information about Jihoon Wanna One:

Jihoon Wanna One

Stage Name: Jihoon (지훈)
Birth Name: Park Jihoon (박지훈)
Position: Sub Vocal, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Visual
Birthday: May 29, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8 “)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Biography and artistic process of Jihoon Wanna One:

Jihoon Wanna One

Before entering Maroo Entertainment, Jihoon was a trainee of SM Entertainment and Fantagio Music. Jihoon has been acting as a child actor since 2007 and has participated in many popular TV shows with a BIG BANG, SS501.

Jihoon attended Seoul High School for the Performing Arts. On February 8, 2018, Jihoon attended the graduation ceremony with former I.O.I members such as Doyeon, Mina and many other famous idols.

In addition, Jihoon has an older brother who has played many films and dramas at a young age. Park Ji-hoon debuted as a child actor, starring in musicals such as Peter Pan (2007-2009), The Harmonium in My Memory (2010) and Radio Star (2010-2011). TV series such as MBC’s Smile, The King and I, Iljimae Legend of SBS and many other movies.

After practicing at SM Entertainment and Fantagio, Jihoon became a trainee of the current management company, Maroo Entertainment.

In 2017, Jihoon represented Maroo Entertainment in the second season of Produce 101 (Season 2). He received great attention from the viewer thanks to the wink that became famous on the stage “Nayana (Pick Me)” before the show aired. Jihoon is nicknamed “Wink Boy” (윙크 남).

Jihoon also started receiving many invitations to become ad models from other companies even though Produce 101 was still being broadcast due to what he was wearing or used to sell out very fast. It was then announced that Jihoon signed an exclusive contract with Maroo Entertainment before joining Produce 101.

In the finale of the second season of Produce 101, Jihoon became a member of the WANNA ONE (W1) project boy band managed by YMC Entertainment, CJ E & M and now SWING Entertainment. within 1 year 8 months.

Some interesting notes about Jihoon Wanna One:

– Jihoon is also known as Wink Boy
– Jihoon is very well received by the media, more specifically, the aegyo saying “Keeping in my heart!” (Hangul: 내 마음 속에 저장; Romaja: Nae ma-eumsoge jeojang) has become a phenomenon on social networks and other types of broadcast.
– He is famous for creating images like “heart unlock” (inspired by Shugo Chara anime) and “Nikki kku kka kka”
Ji-hoon’s lowest ranking in Produce 101 was # 3
He was a trainee at Maroo Entertainment as well as SM and Fantagio before
– His ideal type is BTS ‘V
– He has appeared in four broadcasts, a musical, a CF and a movie
– He is very close to the Astro and Mark members of NCT
– Despite his sweet looks, he likes popping as well as beatboxing
– Guanlin said he really likes Jihoon.
– Company: Maroo Entertainment
– Jihoon ideal type: Someone who is younger than him, shorter than him, has a satoori (dialect) and has to be fully faithful to him.

Some highlights of Jihoon Wanna One:

The photos are closer to the “damage” heavier, showing the facial features are incredibly beautiful, shimmer than the goddess Kpop. Rare girls can resist the holy beauty as the angels of the lower world. Jihoon Wanna One is not only beautiful, but the ability to master the stage of this 20-year-old boy really makes people admire. Since coming out of the show, Jihoon Wanna One is constantly trying to show the best to the fans. Watch this boy on the way ahead.

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