Jennie Is Adorable When She Reveals Her “Second Solo Song”

Black Pink’s personality – Jennie and the other members play the game guess words with the phrase is quite difficult. Episode 3 of the reality show helped the performers experience rural life. “Village Survival, the Eight” officially airs.

Village Survival, the Eight: Jennie reveals new song after “Solo”?

When it came to the answer, Jennie stood up and read slowly the phrase “Kkum Kkoo Kki Kkya” quite lovely that comedian Jang Do Yeon said that she is introducing her second solo song. The other members also think this phrase when reading up pretty well catch it!

Blackpink blink

Jennie loves to read “Kkum Kkoo Kki Kkya”

Blackpink blink

People teasing her should take the name “Kkum Kkoo Kki Kkya” as the title song of the second solo.

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