Hyunjin Loona Full Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

Hyunjin is a young singer who debuted on November 16, 2016, under the name of Loona with the song “Around You” which is popular among fans and fans. Hyunjin Loona has a certain fan base because she is not only beautiful but also has a good voice and good dancing skills. If you are a fan of Hyunjin and would like to find out about the profile and interesting things about this girl, please refer to the article below!

Profile of Hyunjin Loona

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Stage Name: Hyunjin (현진)
Birth Name: Kim Hyun-jin (김현진)
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: November 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB
Sub-Unit: LООПΔ 1/3

Some interesting information about Hyun-jin Kpop

She always wanted to be a singer. Hyunjin wants to film commercials for sneakers and earrings. She listened to Ulala Sessions’ “Love Fictions” a lot

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She underwent a one-way love in elementary school so it helped her to act in the LOONA web map

She has two brothers (one of her brothers is the lead singer and songwriter for the band ‘Bi-o-ne’, her other brother is preparing to graduate.)

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Some of Hyunjin’s nicknames are BreadJin, Meow Jin and Kim Jini. Hyunjin’s special talent is creating dog noise (happy dogs, alert dogs, injured dogs and many more).

Hyunjin can speak Hyunjinese (her language) and she is from Hyunjinland. Hyunjin can play the piano.

Hyunjin loves bread a lot, she calls herself bread. She eats a lot. She can eat up to 3 bowls of rice. She likes to eat salt with salt.

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Hyunjin is very athletic. At school, she was a member of a football club, basketball club, table tennis club, and badminton/tennis club.

Hyunjin’s hobbies are exercising and creating choreography. Netizens say Hyunjin is a combination of Naeun (APink), Seolhyun (AOA) and Tzuyu (twice).

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Hyunjin appeared in TVN’s “Three Idiots” in 2013. She is a trainee for 3 years.

Hyunjin is friends with Jooeun of the DIA. Hyunjin about her charms: “My singing teacher told me that I have a nice melody.”

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She describes herself like a monkey with long arms and hands.

Hyunjin is a participant in YG MIXNINE’s survival program. Hyunjin ended # 11 on MIXNINE (she dropped from # 3 to # 11 after the editorial of the show made her look like she hated Heejin).

Her idol is Bread & King Donkatsu (she’s really a strange XD)

hyunjin loona

With the information about singer Hyunjin Loona in the article above hope to help you better understand this girl. Although a little older, Hyunjin is always trying to bring performances to please the audience. If you are a fan of Hyunjin, please follow and support Loona in the next music project.

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