Hyungwon Monsta X Full Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And ETC

Hyungwon is a Korean singer, dancer, and model, he is a member of the Korean boy band Monsta X founded by Starship Entertainment in 2015. Hyungwon monsta x holds the position of Extra Dancer, Singer and Visual in the group. So he is loved by audiences and has a large fan base. Let’s find out interesting information about Hyungwon through this article!

Hyungwon profile

hyungwon monsta x

Stage Name: Hyungwon (형원)
Birth Name: Chae Hyung-won (채형원)
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: January 15, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Some interesting information about Hyungwon Kpop

He is the 4th trainee who is confirmed to be a member of Monsta X (after the live television show No No Mercy,).He has a Kyungwon younger brother (who served the military service).

He was 19 when he moved to Seoul. He is known for his thick lips.

He is the highest member of the group. He is the one who sleeps the most.

hyungwon monsta x

Before joining Monsta X, Hyung Won is a famous model. He participated in many fashion shows.

He joined the W Hotel & CeCi fashion show (No.Mercy ep.2). He also has an endorsement agreement with LITMUS (clothing brand; spring 15)

He appeared in SURE magazine (July 2015). Hyorin was surprised when he first met Hyungwon because of his handsome appearance.

hyungwon monsta x

Hyungwon studied dancing at JoyDance Academy in his home country (Minhyuk and IM attended the same academy). He is confident in his dancing skills.

He likes to travel. His parents owned a travel company, where he used to work when he was young.

During school days, his nickname is Dooly Star because he has chubby cheeks.

hyungwon monsta x

Hyungwon thinks chubby people are the cutest in the world. (Monsta’s attack of Fancafe X – the 4th holiday of 161130)

Hyungwon is often called a meme boy because there are many meme. He said on Pepero Day (similar to Valentine’s Day, but held on November 11 in Korea), he wanted to give chili to Monsta X’s fans.

He likes folk music and he appreciates singer Jack Johnson and John Legend. Kihyun said he likes a duet with Hyungwon.

hyungwon monsta x

He is a terrible cook, according to his bandmates. Hyungwon is a picky and easily completed person.

Hyungwon has a small mole in the middle of his lower lip. He has a 4D personality. He has a terrible manuscript.

His favorite dish is spiced pork ribs (bbq pork), sashimi, giant fried shrimp. His favorite color is black.

Hobbies: Being a model and shopping.

hyungwon monsta x

He is the best actor in the group. Hyungwon said he often listens to Adele before sleeping.

He is one of the main actors of a drama called Let’s find her (KBS2-2017), as Ik-Soo.

Hyungwon was called by the fans to be the king of visual compliments because his image is always praised whenever they appear on radio programs, programs, etc.

hyungwon monsta x

He speaks Chinese. When appearing on Weekly Idol (episode 297), Hyungdon and Defconn (Doni and Koni) thought that Hyungwon was Chinese.

Hyungwon said yes and deceived the host. Doni and Koni were tricked by Hyungwon’s acting and said that he was a good actor that he convinced them that he was Chinese.

hyungwon monsta x

Hyungwon is the noisiest person in their dorm, according to the members. He can make his veins in his arms move like waves.

Hyungwon is also a DJ and he is called DJ H.One. Hyungwon’s ideal type: storm A wise and kind woman.

hyungwon monsta x

With the information on Hyungwon updated above, it definitely helps you understand more about this singer. If you’re also a fan of Hyungwon, don’t forget to watch his music activities to cheer him up and wish him even more success in his career.

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