Hyojung Oh My Girl: Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height and Facts

Hyojung Oh My Girl is a Korean singer from Oh My Girl, formed on April 4, 2015, managed by Hyojung Oh My Girl. She was born in 1994, playing the role of the lead vocalist of the group.

Information, detailed information about Hyojung Oh My Girl will be updated below, helping Hyojung fans to have more interesting and understandable information about her music activities.

Hyojung Oh My Girl

Information about Hyojung Oh My Girl

Stage Name: Hyojung (효정)
Name: Choi Hyo-jung (최효정)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: July 28, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 160 cm (5’3 ″)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Sub-Unit: Oh My Girl Banhana

Hyojung Oh My Girl

Detailed profile:

– Hyojung was born in Yangyang, Gangwon, South Korea.

– When she was young she lived in Thailand.

– Hyojung Oh My Girl is a girl with a bright smile and a mall figure.

– Her hobbies are singing and watching movies.

– Her nickname is Candy

– Hyojung knows how to play the piano.

– Hyojung was a trainee of Soul Shop Entertainment.

– She trained for 6 months at WM Entertainment before debuting with OH MY GIRL.

– She stayed in the same dorm in Mimi and Jiho.

– Her ideal type is younger, a caring person.

Hyojung Oh My Girl

Hyojung’s music activity Oh My Girl

Hyojung’s musical activities are closely related to the activities of girl group Oh My Girl.

Before launch:

Hyojung was given a 6-month training period and was advertised by WM Entertainment as a sister group of B1A4.


On March 29, 2015, Hyojung and the members of the group officially debuted and took the group name Oh My Girl.

On April 14, she and the group members officially released an album called Oh My Girl. Includes 4 songs.

Hyojung Oh My Girl


In March 2016, Oh My Girl released her third mini-album titled PEN OCEAN.

In May 2016, she and the members released the album WINDY Day. The album contains 8 songs.

In August 2016, she and members released teen summer albums “Listen to My Word (A-ing)” consisted of 4 remixed songs of senior groups, including the theme song ” Papaya’s Listen to My Story “, with the voice of Haha and Skull.

Hyojung Oh My Girl


On March 13, she and the other 5 members released a new album entitled Coloring Book.

From 2018 until now

Hyojung and Oh My Girl members released a mini album titled Secret Garden.

Latest pictures about Hyojung Oh My Girl

Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl Hyojung Oh My Girl

Hyojung Oh My Girl is a talented girl, with a cute and small appearance that is loved by many fans today. The full information about Hyojung Oh My Girl, which we have fully updated in this article, will hopefully bring you the most interesting information.

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