Hojung UNB Full Update Name, Birthday, Height, Religion, And ETC

Hojung is a Korean singer from Star Crew Entertainment. He is the maknae of HOTSHOT boy band and a member of the UNB project team. Hojung UNB is loved and welcomed by many people because he not only possesses good voice, good dancing ability but also has good looks. Are you curious to know more about Hojung? Please refer to the information below!

Hojung profile

Hojung UNB

Stage Name: Hojung (호정)
Birth Name: Ko Ho-jung (고호정)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Visual
Birthday: October 20, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @kkkhj__

Some interesting information about Hojung Kpop

In 2018, he became a contestant on the reboot program The Unit and eventually he was selected to be a member of the temporary group UNB which he will promote until December 2018.

He is from Yeosu, South Jeolla Province.

Education: Realistic music, High school Hanlim entertainment art

His nickname is Ho-mongie (Ho-puppy)

Hojung UNB

You can speak Korean, Japanese, Thai.

He was called K.HO.

His favorite season is winter.

His model is Bruno Mars.

His childhood dream is to become a singer.

Hojung UNB

There was a pretty big birthmark on his arm. (Thank you for a video of the VCR)

He has a cute face but has a well-proportioned body (from training).

A tourist destination he wants to visit in Europe, specifically Paris, France.

Hojung has a great eye smile.

He has the best body in HOTSHOT.

Hojung was once a bodybuilder.

Hojung UNB

He appeared in the music video “운동 운동 MV of Double K.”

Hojung can play guitar and piano.

His favorite color is purple.

Hojung likes animation.

He is very confident.

His favorite drink is Coke.

Hojung UNB

He received Super Boot from the audience.

He ranked 3rd on the Unit with 90,510 votes.

He is a member of HOTSHOT.

Hojung’s ideal type: A person like his mother. He also likes someone similar to Han YeSul, who has a small face and distinct features.

Some of the best pictures of Hojung UNB

Hojung UNBHojung UNB

Hojung UNB

Hojung UNB

Hojung UNB

Hojung UNB

Hopefully, through the interesting information above, you have a better understanding of Hojung. If you’re a Hojung fan, don’t forget to watch and support him to wish him even more success.

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