Best EXO songs – The best collection of 10 extra songs since the debut

Here are the 10 best EXO songs. Whether you idolize this group or not, you must admit that EXO is a leading group of Kpop. This is evidenced by the group breaking many consumption records after each comeback. Besides, the fans of the group are very strong.

Not only are the title songs for each album extremely attractive, but the extra songs also contributed to Best EXO songs. Because it can conquer the most difficult audience. Here are 10 Best EXO songs.

1. El Dorado

This is EXO songs rated as “King of EXO’s songs”. This song has created an extremely majestic and magnificent space in front of the audience. With a strong melody and tempo, it has conquered the most fastidious audience. And for many fans, they didn’t understand why they didn’t choose El Dorado as the title song for the album.

2. Exodus

This is a song from the group’s Exodus 2015 album of the same name. This song is shown through classical music. However, it brings extremely fresh and attractive colors. Especially for the chorus that keeps fans praising.

3. Black Pearl

Black Pearl is included in the 2013 XOXO album. This is a song that was judged to be El Dorado’s predecessor. Because it also suggests a very large space. The first part of the song has a rather slow and dark rhythm, but the middle is a very strong chorus. Thereby expressing the ability and excellent voice of the D.O.

4. Baby Don’t Cry

Just like its name, Baby Don’t Cry is a very sweet ballad. For fans, this is also a ballad for boys. In this song, the classics melody is shown too perfectly with a strong voice. Although the feeling of the song is quite sad, it is not too mushy. That is also the reason why EXO boys easily conquer fans.

5. Lucky

XOXO is the album that marks the group’s great success in the Korean music market. EXO songs bring a modern and extremely youthful way to the image of mischievous boys. With the success of the album, SM released the album with two versions “Kiss” and “Hug”. And Lucky is in Kiss. This is a combination of soothing sounds and addictive melodies. With the meaning of expressing the happiness of the boys in love.

6. White Noise

This is a song that goes in the retro direction, but it still ensures timeliness. This song also has a similar style to Lucky One. This is assessed by the diversity in the way of expression is quite diverse. So don’t miss these EXO songs!

7. Hurt

Hurt is a song from the album Exodus. This is an album that marks the transition in EXO’s music. And the song Hurt lessened the coarseness but became smoother, more modern and more mature. You will definitely replay many times if you enjoy these EXO songs.

8. Thunder

Thunder is in the mini album Overdose (2014). This song is considered a super-catchy theme song and also a unique song. Thereby, EXO boys showed their maturity in their vocals. In addition, the reason for this is a song that is highly appreciated by the complex mix of techniques and strange chorus.

9. Heaven

Heaven is rated as EXO songs with gentle ballad style. It is Chanyeol member who participated in the lyrics for this song. It was not too gentle, but it gave a very attractive look. The lyrics are also very attractive because it expresses the sadness and uncertainty but is quite interesting.

The above is EXO songs that are rated as the best of SM boys. Thereby you will also better understand the style of music as well as the orientation that the group is heading to. This is also a way to better understand your idol group. Wish you have moments of relaxation when listening to music.


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