Daniel WannaOne: Update Name, Birthday, Religion And Facts

Kang Daniel (Hangul: 강 다니엘) was dubbed national center, born December 10, 1996, in the coastal city of Busan, home of many Korean idols. Daniel is a male singer, rapper, dancer and project team member, Wanna One, who is the center of the group. Founded on Mnet’s Season 2 Produce 101 and he won the # 1 spot on the finale. Let’s find out more about the “national guy” Daniel Wanna One.

Daniel WannaOne

Stage name: Daniel (다니엘)
Birth name: Kang Euigeon (강의 건) but he changed his legal name to Kang Daniel (강 다니엘)
Title: Center, Sub Vocal, Sub Rapper, Main Dancer
Date of birth: December 10, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180 cm (5’11 “)
Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
Blood type: A

Biography and Operation of Daniel Wanna One:

Daniel WannaOne

Prior to joining Produce 101 Season 2, Daniel had been a trainee for two years. He was a trainee of B2M Entertainment until B2M Entertainment merged into MMO Entertainment, after which he became a trainee of MMO Entertainment.
Daniel was one of the representatives of the MMO entertainment company participating in Season 2 Produce. After the performance, he was placed in Group B but was later included in Group A after the review with Pick me (나야나). With pink hair and rabbit teeth, he is reminiscent of Apeach.
But Daniel really broke through the Open up performance with the change of appearance after weight loss. Jessica’s sexy threesome and Daniel’s thigh-dance have been covered by many popular idols such as Kim Jong-kook, Rain, which helped Daniel win the final with 1,578,837 votes, becoming the record number of votes in a row. program.
Daniel’s life is usually warm, with a smile and two teeth very cute. But every time he went to the stage, Daniel became sexually irresistible, causing others to open his mouth because of the glamor with chocolate belly cheeks, deadly eyes, and sexy lips. These are the two opposite charisma traps on Kang Daniel. Experts in the entertainment industry, television also mentioned this when analyzing the attractiveness of the guy “national center”
His pure and pure smile is also a weapon to conquer millions of hearts. Sharing the reason for always smiling in every situation, Kang Daniel revealed: “Because I want to make people happy.”
On August 7th, Daniel debuted with Wanna One with his first mini album To Be One, the theme song of Energetic. Daniel has received numerous adverts and participated in popular reality shows such as “Master Key”, “Running Man” … Kang Daniel is even so hot that it causes a strange disease called ” Kang Daniel’s disease: There are signs of C-type hair, wearing purple sportswear, constantly chewing gum, dancing to Kang Daniel’s thighs in the song “Open Up” (hot dance through ” Produce 101 “), calling everyone” komengah “, saying Busan dialect of Seoul … Kang Daniel’s charisma, the famous PD of this program received “Everybody knows why he’s so hot.”
On November 19, 2018, Daniel and Wanna One comeback with Full Album 1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY). This is the final comeback before the group disbanded on December 31, 2018, as scheduled.

Some interesting notes about Daniel Wanna One:

Daniel WannaOne

– Likes to be called “Danik”, maybe it is his stage name
– Strengths are free to dance style and street
– English is very good
– He is a student of Natajara Academy, where he studied B-boy dance style
– Along with B2M’s other trainees (Taewoong, JiSung, JinWoo, Jae-Han) and SiHyun (former B2M trainee, now part of GNI Ent) he is the back dance for B2M artists.
– was previously scheduled to be a member of “Spica Male Version” to prepare for their debut in 2012, but is always delayed.
– The shoulder width of Kang Daniel is 60 cm (23 inches). He achieves it by doing 100 push-ups every day.
– Daniel has two cats named Peter and Rooney. XD (At first he thought they were male)
– He also has a new cat named Ori.
– In the second episode of “Wanna One Go” at the ghost house, he was the one who shouted the most when “ghost” appeared and came out he had to sit down
– Daniel likes to laugh a lot although sometimes he is not happy, and he likes to talk to himself (“Happy Together”).
– In his free time, he likes to look for clothes/fashion. (170828 Wanna One on Hongkira radio)
– Daniel is allergic to shellfish (shrimp, lobster, etc.). (“Let’s have dinner together”)
– Among the seafood, he can only eat squid.
– Daniel dreams of opening a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong.
– Daniel had a sleep disorder, and he fell asleep while washing his hair, or at the table while eating a meal with food in his mouth. (“It’s dangerous outside the blanket”)
– Daniel says he likes older women. (“Happy Together”)
– Daniel appeared in Davichi’s “Days Without You” music video
– Company: MMO Entertainment
– Daniel’s Ideal Type: An Elderly That He Can Learn (Happy Together 170810)

Some pictures of Daniel Wanna One:

Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne  Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne Daniel WannaOne

Moving on from the live show together with the first place and the center of the group, Daniel always carries on a big mission to make the team go further in the future and to prove it. My fans find that they always do as well as they can. Although the time to be with Wanna One is coming to an end, let’s hope the best of luck is with the charming Daniel Wanna One and the rest of the group.

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