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Daesung Bigbang Profile: Name, Birthday, Songs, Facts, Picture And Height

daesung bigbang profile

Outstanding development of Kpop music entertainment in Korea. Behind it are the groups that make up that power. One of the groups that created Kpop’s growth was BIGBANG, a male group of YG Entertainment. Big Bang’s contribution to the Hallu wave is undeniable. Daesung is a male singer of this popular Big Bang band. Are you a fan and would like to know more about Daesung profile? Follow the article below for more interesting information about this guy. Surely the information provided in the article will be necessary for you.

Personal information of Daesung

Kang Dae Sung was born on April 26, 1989, and is now 27 years old. His zodiac is Taurus. Daesung is 178cm tall and weighs 63kg
Daesung was born in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, and Koreans. His birth name is Kang Dae Seong.

daesung bigbang profile

Stage name: Daesung (대성)
Birth Name: Kang Daesung (강대성)
Title: Lead Vocalist
Date of birth: April 26, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Incheon, Korea
Height: 178 cm (5’10 “)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood type O
Me2day: @bbdaesung

Daesung attended Geong In High School. Dae Seoung then studied Post-Modern Music at Kyunghee University and graduated in August 2012.

Dae Seong is the only son in the family. He has a sister named Kang Bora. His father was a pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Mother Dae Seong also served as a patron. Bora’s older sister works in the Korean military.

He had his debut in 2006 with Big Bang. He is famous for a great singer. In addition to promoting with Big Bang, Dae Seong also acts as a model and actor.

daesung bigbang profile

Other stories

He was diagnosed with a vocal chord soon after debuting with Big Bang. For a while, D-Lite struggled with his voice and scared the stage. However, he recovered with the help of Gummy, a fellow singer with the company, who had previously been diagnosed with the same disease.

Since the members of Big Bang paused for group activities, they were able to pursue solo activities in acting, singing, and education. In 2008, Daesung released their debut solo single “Nal Bwa GwiSoon” which means “Look at me, GwiSoon”.

He collided in a car accident on the Pyeongtaek Expressway in Gyeonggi Province when he returned to Seoul from a filming location for Family Outing in August 2009. Daesung broke his nose, injured his back and strokes. A small bruise on the face and arms.

daesung bigbang profile

Fortunately, he recovered and returned in October 2009. He was involved in a car accident on May 31, 2011, when his car ran through a corpse on the street.

Music career

D-Lite debuted for the first time in his music career in 2006 as a member of Big Bang. Since then, he has released a number of solo tracks under the label of YG. A number of songs such as “Cotton Candy” and “Baby Do not Cry”, and reached number one and 3 on Korean music’s Gaon Chart.

daesung bigbang profile

His first solo single “Useo Bonda” means “Try Smile”, which appeared on Big Bang’s solo album and their first album in 2007, which they both released in 2006.

D-Lite released the second single “Daebakiya” trot meaning “Big Hit” in early 2009 and the song “Cotton Candy” in 2010. His solo hit “Baby Do not Cry” was wrapped in 2011. Included in the 4 mini album special edition of Big Bang.

In 2010, D-Lite started filming an MBC drama written by famous screenwriter Song Ji-na. He has been the main MC of Night after Night since May 2010. D-Lite also appeared on Lee Hyori’s new album H-Logic in the same year.

He also attended the reality show Family Outing and was a regular member. D-Lite started his solo activities as the host of the MBC Music Core music program along with his bandmates at Big Bang, Seungri.


His D’scover song was second on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on the day of its release and second on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart.

daesung bigbang profile

On June 11, 2014, Daesung released a digital mini album “RAINYRAINY” which included four songs. This is the anniversary album of “D-LITE DLive Tour 2014 in Japan”

He completed his solo tour on the 27th in Osaka Jo after performing through 8 major cities and 15 shows with more than 170,000 fans.

He became the first Korean solo artist to attract more than 100,000 fans to Japan.

Daesung is known to many fans and fans as a male singer of the Big Bang group, especially the young. Hopefully, the information provided will be useful to you. If you are a fan of Daesung, please share this information with everyone so that they can know the guy style and personality. Always accompany and support Daesung’s future activities. Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to the article!

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