Do Not See Black Pink’s Album, Blink Is Doing This To Reclaim Justice!

In mid-June, Black Pink made a successful comeback with their hit single “Ddu-Du Du-Du” bringing the group’s name to almost “top” on the idol group map. Jennie’s solo debut in November with the title track “SOLO” made a lot of headlines as it broke many of the records on the big and small charts. “Fondling” the fans with 2 quality music products, however, is not for the fans to forget the promise of YG president Yang Hyun Suk about giving Black Pink a full album back in late 2018.

Although the Blink community was constantly ringing on the individual Instagram site, YG president kept quiet about the questions that disappointed fans and suspected he was satisfied with Black Pink’s achievement without remembering the words. Promise before that.

Blackpink blink

After a series of unresolved bugs, the Blink community recently made a project to collect 20,000 signatures, asking YG to treat Black Pink equally.

Blackpink blink

Accordingly, the Blink community asked YG to let Black Pink release a full album and have at least two comebacks in the year. Groups must attend the gameshow and awards ceremony at the end of the year. Blink suggested YG need to change the stylist to avoid incidents not worth the time. At the same time, YG also needed members to use his compositions to appear on the album. Finally, the music product has to be promoted in the weekly stage.

Blackpink blink

Too much promise, Blink gave a claim to YG

It is known that the number of signatures collected up to the present time has reached over 3000 thousand just over a few hours called.

Blackpink blink

More than 3,500 signatures have been collected

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