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6 Amazing Places To Get Free Stock Photos And Videos From

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words, and boy is this true when it comes to content marketing. You can have the accompanying text worthy of Shakespeare himself, yet it will never even come close to the power a single image can have.

Hiring professional photographers to take perfect shots of anything that comes to your mind is out of the question, as it’s both extremely expensive and entirely unpractical. Your next best shot are stock photos – random photos taken by both amateur and professional photographers you can download and use in your publications.

However, good stock photos are notoriously hard to find. The ones that are easy to come by are usually of low quality, contain watermarks, or are just too plain and uninteresting to use.

We know how hard finding the right photos can be, so we’ve taken upon ourselves to scan the web and show you some less popular places you can get amazing free stock photos and videos from.


Pixabay is a designer’s dream. It’s a completely free image gallery that not only contains inspiring, high quality photographs for you to use, but it also boasts an impressive collection of illustrations and vector graphics if you want to spice up your content and make it more modern.


While this stock photo gallery might not have it so well when it comes to the amount of images available, the sheer quality of the images makes up for that.

Use it to find candid shots of people working, designing and coding, or if you’re looking for artistic portaits in nature.


One of the most popular free stock photo sources, Unsplash boasts an impressive collection of high quality, high resolution and inspirational photos. It’s unique model enables you to get only the best of the best when it comes to stock photos, as their expert teams selects 10 new images each week and sends them to you via their email publication.


A daughter company of Shopify, the ecommerce magnat, Burst was created with the small business owner in mind and features high resolution images of all kinds of products – from makeup brushes and beard oils, to flashing LED sneakers and hand crafted jewelry.

5.New Old Stock

You’ve never seen stock photos like this! This creative and innovative company shares old photos free of copyright restrictions found in public archives – from intimate portraits, to military division group photos, all the way to humorous barbershop candids.

6.Foodies feed

Let’s face it – no matter how great your last dinner turned out, you’ll never be able to present it in all its beauty and glory as a professional photographer would. That’s where Foodies feed steps in – it’s a free stock photo gallery filled with thousands of high resolution, crisp clear food photos. A perfect tool for food blogs, restaurant websites, organic markets, etc.

These image sources are amazing in their own right, but have very little use to you if you don’t have a place to post them. Without a professional looking website, these images might as well go to waste. SITE123 is an amazing free website builder whose intuitive interface and easy to use features make it our no.1 choice. It features dozens of pre made layouts that make it a favorite among small business owners. The layouts allow you to add an incredible image gallery, or add beautiful image backgrounds to your text – a perfect base for all the amazing stock photos you’ll find above.

If you get tired of searching for the perfect photo – don’t worry. SITE123 has an integrated Pixabay gallery for you to use for free, making it an all-in-one solution for your business.

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